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When selecting furniture for your home, it’s not always easy to know where to begin. Choosing between design styles, colors, manufacturers, and models can be overwhelming, so we’d like to share a few tips based on Copenhagen’s philosophy “furniture as functional art that can help you make the ideal furniture purchase.

“Furniture as functional art” centers on the philosophy that aesthetics and functionality are equally as important when it comes to furniture design. Not only should the ideal piece of furniture be pleasing in terms of color, design, and appearance, but should also be durable, functional, and practical. The highest quality designs seamlessly fuse form and function – as seen in much contemporary furniture.

Gain the most from your furniture purchases by selecting items that will effortlessly adapt to your lifestyle and space, thus, saving you time and money while maximizing style and functionality. With these tips from Maurice Brantley, Director of Interior Design at Copenhagen Imports, you’ll be well on your way to designing a more flexible and beautiful living space.

1)     First step: Assess your lifestyle

Before picking out your furniture, consider the demands and needs of your lifestyle. What is essential for you to carry out day-to-day activities and at the same time to be comfortable and relaxed on your favorite sofa or reclining chair. When consulting design customers, Maurice explains, “Copenhagen sales staff start out by assessing your lifestyle so that they are better able to advise and council about which types of finishes and materials will suit best suit daily needs.”

There are many considerations that play into choosing specific pieces. For example, if you love to entertain, have a large family or large family gatherings, or hold meetings in your home, a Danish designed Skovby dining table that can seat four and expand to seat twenty people may be just the thing for you.

2) Second step: Search out items with maximum functionality AND style

There are so many fun ways to save space and augment the efficiency of your home. The key to doing so is searching out elegantly and thoughtfully designed pieces that make it simple for you to seamlessly transition through your daily activities.

Brantley suggests starting out by finding the right furniture designer: “European and particularly Danish Modern furniture has always taken scale and efficient use of space into account for maximizing storage and function.”

You might be surprised at how many beautifully designed furniture pieces expand, extend, or use minimal space. Here are a few genius designs that are particularly space efficient:

-Dining or coffee tables with extendable leaves

-Sofas/sleepers that fold out into beds

Bed frames with discrete storage

-Media furniture with ample storage

-Desks with built-in wire management and storage

-Ottomans or coffee tables with storage

-Shelving that doubles as wall art 

You can find these pieces in Copenhagen showrooms in many different styles, colors and textures.

3) Third step: Try it out – Save time and experience it before buying!

The temptation for many furniture buyers is to research a product online, purchase it and have it shipped to directly their homes without having to leave their home or office. This option is not always ideal, especially when considering pieces with movable parts, motion technology, or storage functions.

A key part of making a smart purchase is taking the time to experience the furniture in person – feel the grain of the wood or the sensual quality of the leather; try folding out the leaves of the dining table or turning the handle that makes it extend; unfold the sofa sleeper and test out the mattress; connect with a color. Get a feel for it to see if it fits you.

Getting a true feel for each piece ensures that you not only choose furniture that you value aesthetically, but also that is thoughtfully designed to meet your lifestyle and needs.

Look for a furniture retailer that welcomes you to browse and ask questions, is knowledgeable about its collection and that encourages you to experience the showroom. At Copenhagen, sales associates have a genuine interest in supporting you through every phase of the buying process – from the first time you walk into the store until long after your purchase is delivered. As Maurice states, there is “No sacrifice in of style for Copenhagen. We have an extensive inventory carefully selected by our buying team for every budget imaginable.”

Armed with these tips and insights, may your next furniture purchase be a fun and gratifying experience!

About Copenhagen Imports

Bringing a Passion for Modern Scandinavian Design to the Southwest.

In April 1970, the first Copenhagen Imports opened in Phoenix, Arizona, bringing a still-developing city its first furniture showroom dedicated solely to Danish Modern style. Founders Tony Christensen and Erik Hansen made the decision to move to Phoenix based on their passion for good design and their desire to have a positive impact upon the desert Southwest by bringing a new type of design to the valley.

At the time, local furniture-store owners in the Phoenix area scoffed at the two Danes’ design ideas and concepts, saying “That stuff will never sell. Six months and they’re out!” Quite the contrary—that “stuff” did sell! It sold so well, in fact, that shortly after, Hansen and Christensen opened additional stores in Tempe, Tucson, and Scottsdale. Continued growth moved Copenhagen into Texas, with stores first opening in El Paso, San Antonio, and, soon after, Austin.

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