The fall season is a great time for new beginnings and trying new things, especially when it comes to home décor. Now is a great time to look around the house and see what might need updating, upgrading, or redecorating. Three rooms in the home that are prime candidates for a possible refresh are the dining room, living room and bedroom.

Whether you have been thinking of a major change, a new statement piece or some cool décor for the season, there are a lot of options out there. To get some fresh ideas, we sat down with Will Joffroy, sales associate and interior designer at Copenhagen.

A touch of new for the dining room

Stressless® Mint Dining Chairs

When it comes to the dining room, achieving a new look could be as simple as adding new centerpieces for the table, or bringing a functional lift through an extendable dining table or curio cabinet. Infusing the space with fall colors and warm metallic accents turns the room from summer to cozy.

If you’re looking for a bigger change, perhaps consider a bar for an integrated serving and storage solution that will make for easier entertaining. “Certainly, a bar is a great addition when you have family or guests over for the holidays”, says Joffroy. The Calypso Bar Tower at Copenhagen is a great option for space saving – with a circular, vertical profile, it’s a unique option.

A curio cabinet or a sideboard is also a great addition if you have the space and already have an existing dining table. Not only can you incorporate new finishes or complementary colors, but you’ll also have more space to store table linens, flatware, and dishes.

The other great way to refresh is dining chairs, “They are a pretty common switch up for a dining room. You could have a table for 10 years, maybe even 30 years, but the chairs tend to be something that people update,” observes Joffroy. For example, if you have a table with wood legs, consider chairs with the same color frame and different cushion color. Or, bring a subtle accent through dining chairs with a brushed or shiny steel frame. If you want to spend more time at the table, considering comfort is also key. Copenhagen’s Addison, Laurel, and Mint chairs have a built-in reclining mechanism so that, after a delicious meal, you can lean back and linger at the table for more great conversation.

Bedroom options for conservative and bold updates

Ventura Bedroom in amber bamboo

When thinking about the bedroom, the path of least resistance is definitely a new bedroom set if you’re looking for a bolder update. As Joffroy explains, with a matching set, “you’re guaranteed that it will all look good together. If you are willing to take a risk, you can change out night tables, a dresser that complements the pieces you have or add an accent chair with a pop of color. If you’re ready for a new bedframe, we have mattresses that are made especially for our beds, as well as adjustable mattresses, which are the new, must-have thing.” Upholstered bedframes or beds that have a cushioned fabric accent on the headboard add texture and warmth, while also providing a more comfortable surface for propping yourself up to read a book or watch a movie in bed. The Prescott Queen Bed features warm walnut tones combined with a padded grey headboard for the ultimate in year-round coziness.

For a quick refresh, a piece of artwork with those warmer tones associated with fall, or lamps with brass tones and burnished metals are perfect for this time of year. The arrival of autumn brings cooler temperatures and shorter daytimes, so having a well-lit, warm-hued bedroom space will make the seasonal transition all the cozier.

A living room to love and live in

Prato Sofa with Power

For living room updates, many start with large statement pieces like seating or media storage. Sectionals are very popular for their size and variety of configurations, but whether a sectional is right for you really depends on the space and practicality of your lifestyle. “For some a sectional can be a little bit restrictive so they keep it lighter and more versatile with a sofa, loveseat, and chairs. Built-in, motorized reclining has really started to catch on in sofas and chairs. The technology provides a nice combination of having something that can suit the family well and keep the look more refined,” says Joffroy. 

As far as accessorizing the living room, metal artwork is great for fall. “It’s really the uniqueness of the art pieces that we offer that makes it fun to experiment.” The Propensity wall sculpture is one example, featuring flame-treated chrome, brass, and copper arranged artistically in spiraling, circular clusters. The warm colors of metal wall art are versatile and can be matched with a variety of colors and styles to bring a seasonal lift.

Simone Rug – special order in a variety of sizes and variations

As temperatures cool down, another simple way to warm the space is a new area rug, Joffroy says: “A rug brings a soft touch to tile floors and softens the acoustics in the room. A rug can serve as a centerpiece that adds a pop of color or a seasonal bronze tone, and is a great item to add for a new look.” When shopping, it’s always helpful to bring exact measurements and a photo of the space you’d like to accessorize to compare and match colors. You can even bring a fabric sample of your sofa or a throw pillow that has the hues you’d like to integrate to find the rug pattern and size more easily for your home.

Furniture is the backdrop for so many milestones in our life, look for something that is comfortable and has the look you want. We may not experience traditional fall weather in Tucson, but we can make our spaces feel like a cozy autumn sanctuary. Visit Copenhagen’s Tucson showroom at 3660 E. Fort Lowell Rd. or browse online at for more ideas and inspiration.

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At the time, local furniture-store owners in the Phoenix area scoffed at the two Danes’ design ideas and concepts, saying “That stuff will never sell. Six months and they’re out!” Quite the contrary—that “stuff” did sell! It sold so well, in fact, that shortly after, Hansen and Christensen opened additional stores in Tempe, Tucson, and Scottsdale. Continued growth moved Copenhagen into Texas, with stores first opening in El Paso, San Antonio, and, soon after, Austin.

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