Ask anyone whether they prefer a harrowing morning commute to the office or the opportunity to work from the comforts of home, and you’ll likely get a quick, instinctive response.

But, as enticing as working from home might be, there are certain key elements to keep in mind when creating a home office. Here are few tips for designing a distraction-free and productive space.

  1. Keep work and play separated

Your home is the place where you relax and spend time with family, so it’s important to designate a specific area of the house for work. After all, you don’t want to feel like you’re working while you’re chatting with friends or having dinner with the kids! A special room that you call your office (or just a corner if the space is tight) is crucial.

  1. Minimize distractions

Once you’ve established an area in the house to call your office, test it out and see how you like it as a work-friendly environment. If you can hear televisions, kids playing and other assorted noises, it might not be the best spot – even if it’s the most convenient. In other words, that corner near the busy kitchen might be your first choice, but don’t be afraid to be upstairs, down the hall or wherever you’re less likely to be interrupted.

  1. Consider the efficiency of space

Bulky furniture is not a great fit for a home office. You’ll find yourself wanting to save space, especially if your office is small or doubles as a guest room. Tables that roll away into a closet, desks that fold neatly and other furnishings that you can discreetly tuck away when the time comes will serve you well.

  1. Brighten your work life

If you’ve always been into mood lighting and the house is filled with cozy lamps, it’s time to literally brighten the space you chose for work. No need to recoil in horror at the thought of fluorescent overheads, either – it’s your space, so pick out light fixtures that reflect your needs and your style. Most experts suggest lights for “tasks” (such as a desk lamp) as well as broader area lighting. A dim office will make you sleepy, not to mention strain your eyes.

  1. Stay organized

A disorganized office makes for a disorganized mind. So, to ensure you stay focused and on-task, invest in organizational furniture and accessories. If you handle a lot of paperwork, find a sturdy filing cabinet rather than leaving things stacked on your desk. A bookcase or well-placed shelf can also help keep your desk free of extra clutter.

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