There is a distinct difference between a vacation and a travel experience. Vacations are great; you take the kids to Disney, check into a resort for a long weekend and hang around the pool or head to the mountains to ski. Experiential travel is entirely different – and not just because of the rarity– it’s truly an immersive experience. Trouvaille provides the opportunity for you to get outside of your comfort zone while still experiencing first class amenities that we desire when we vacation.

True explorers looking for something beyond typical, something unexpected and curated to provide an immersive experience, aren’t satisfied with a vacation. Experiential travel is about cultivating your knowledge of the world around you and learning a little about yourself in the process. 

More than a regular vacation

A fun, romantic weekend getaway is one thing, experiential travel is another and making a dream trip a reality takes time, work and creativity. It takes imagination to plan a trip to South Beach Florida for the South Beach Food and Wine Festival that also includes tours of both the Everglades via airboat to check out some gators and a visit to the Kennedy Space Center and Astronaut Hall of Fame.

“The goal of any experiential trip is to learn about the environment, the culture, the cuisine – this is an immersive experience,” says Paul Hardersen, CEO of Trouvaille. All-inclusive travel allows you to tap into your spirit and become a part of the place – to improve your perspective on the world … and learn about yourself.

The devil is in the details

Planning a next-level trip takes experience – not just basic travel knowledge, but the wisdom to prepare for pretty much every detail … culinary adventures, travel insurance,  transportation, and if you’re thinking international, vaccinations and preventative medications. Because the last thing you want to do is take an exclusive, small ship adventure to the Caribbean only to get sick on the first island exploration.

When every weeknight is accounted for – Monday dinner with friends, Tuesday board meeting, Wednesday late work day … all the way up to the gala and fundraising events on Friday and Saturday – extra time or energy to plan a much-needed and well-deserved trip is non-existent.

Making magic happen

All-inclusive, excursion travel planners are our key to the world. “As a child, I studied the world map on my bedroom wall and dreamed of the places I would explore. But, as a grown up, that dream was lost in the daily grind,” reflects Sarah Nolan-Hardersen.

Through his participation as an experiential traveler, as well as involvement in the Navy and a PhD in Geology, Paul Hardersen decided to make his passion a reality by launching Trouvaille. Now, he is able to share his ever-growing expertise and passion for exploration with us.

Thoughtfully crafted trips are just a step away, thanks to Trouvaille. For more information on booking a custom trip or to become a Trouvaille Traveler Member, visit online at


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