Lazy Susans are ingenious – They can really solve your storage problems once and for all! Most people associate them with kitchen cabinets and pantries, which they are great for creating space inside. But the reality is that Lazy Susans can do more than organize pantries, base cabinets, wall cabinets and those pesky blind corner cabinets.

You might think that Lazy Susans were invented in the 1950s or 60s. However, they can be traced back to the 1700s! Known as dumbwaiters used to serve meals, they became popular when household servants were on the decline. Lazy Susans have stood the test of time for centuries, and they are amazingly useful for storage.

It’s impossible to get fully organized when you can’t reach everything under your cabinets. Lazy Susans are perfect for keeping canned goods and pantry food items in that otherwise wasted abyss of space under your counters. But aside from that, there are some really clever ways to use a Lazy Susan in your home. Check them out below!

A Short History of Lazy Susans

So, who was Susan and was she lazy? The invention of the Lazy Susan is attributed to Thomas Jefferson. This is when it was referred to as a dumbwaiter. Its origin isn’t 100% traceable, so there is a theory that in the 1800s, servants were called “Susans.” When maids and servants didn’t want to work, Lazy Susans were invented to replace them.

The design of the Lazy Susan hasn’t really changed that much since the 1700s, even though technology has made tremendous advances. Its unaltered design is just as useful these days as it was so long ago. Many materials have been used to make Lazy Susans, including plastic, metal, ceramic, and glass.

Ingenious Uses for a Lazy Susan

Vanity Saver

Does your bathroom vanity need some help? A Lazy Susan is perfect for all of your products! The swivel top makes it easy to find your go-to items. Plus, you can show them off! It’s a great way to save space and gain functionality.

Lazy Susan in Fridge

Lazy Susans are also ideal for refrigerators. You heard it right – a Lazy Susan can help you organize your food and condiments in your fridge. No more wasted food because you can’t see it in the back of the fridge! Now everything will be at your reach whenever you want to cook up a feast.

Coffee Station Organizer

There aren’t many things better than a nice cup of joe in the morning. But when your coffee station is a disaster area, your coffee might not be so enjoyable. Utilizing a Lazy Susan on your counter is a great way to organize all of your coffee beans, sweeteners, and even mugs. Cheers to that!

Craft Organizer

You can create your very own spinning craft caddy with a Lazy Susan. This way, all of your sewing accessories, colored pencils, or paints are always within reach and easily visible.

Laundry Organizer

Think Lazy Susans are just for kitchens? Think again! If you have cabinets in your laundry room, consider an efficient and space-saving Lazy Susan. They make getting to your laundry cabinets a breeze. And they’re perfect for storing detergents, fabric softeners, and all your laundry needs. You’ll be able to just turn them around and access everything you need on laundry days.

Spice Storage

All good cooks have a lot of spices, but where do you put them all? Sometimes simple cabinet space doesn’t cut it for your spices. The solution? Keep them on a Lazy Susan! You can store them right on the counter or in a cabinet for easy access.

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