It’s almost time for the big game. You’re thinking about the snacks and drinks to have on hand, planning bathroom breaks between plays (or commercials), and making sure the television and sound is set up for optimal viewing. But do you have the perfect seat? Sharing the couch with family and friends can be distracting, that extra accent chair in the corner of your living room wasn’t built for lounging, and the floor is simply out of the question. Stop compromising your comfort and find your perfect recliner so you can enjoy the big game.

Envision the Recliner in the Room

Just like any piece of furniture, no two recliners are alike. There are different color options, fabrics, special features, and more to choose from. While it can be a little overwhelming to think about, start by understanding your unique style. Recliners are typically a bit larger than a standard chair, so it is going to have to fit in well with your current design aesthetic. For instance, if your living room has a modern, simple style dominated by light grey tones, you most likely aren’t going to want to purchase a large, dark brown leather recliner.

Measure the Space

Recliners come in various sizes, so it is important to make sure you are looking for one that will fit in the room. Not only do you want to think about the standard width, height, and depth, but take into consideration any extra space you may need if you are planning on putting the recliner near a wall. In order to take advantage of the reclining function, it will need to be at least a few inches out to keep the back from going into the wall.

Narrow Down the Options

When you begin the process of actually looking at recliners, you can either choose to visit a furniture store, or see what is available online. Starting on the Sam Levitz Furniture website, you can narrow down your search easily by selecting the particular fabric, what design style fits your needs, the measurement range you are looking to stay within, and more. There are also various options and features you can choose from, such as how you want the recliner to release and what sort of legs or base you like, to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Ultimately, comfort is key, so be sure to view the chair in person and try it out.

Purchase and Enjoy!

Once you’ve found that perfect recliner from Sam Levitz Furniture, we’ll help you get it back to your house quickly with available same day and next day delivery within the immediate Tuscon area (minimum 72 hours in advance for standard delivery). Make sure you’re ready to watch the big game in ultimate comfort with a new recliner that’s perfect for you and your home. Visit one of our convenient area locations today.

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