When someone walks into your living room for the first time it is likely that your sofa is the first thing they will notice. Your sofa needs to be comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and must also fit in with the rest of the living room’s decor. Finding the right sofa can be difficult because even though a sofa looks good in the showroom or online, it may not be the right one for your home. Thankfully, there are a few strategies for finding a sofa that will provide a soft place to relax after a tough day as well as one that will fit in with the style you have established for your home. 

Measure Before You Buy

Before you begin your search, you should measure your space to see what size couch will be ideal. This will allow you to narrow your choices down to the sofas that will work in the space you have available. In addition to the space where you will put the couch, it will also help to measure any doorways, stairwells, or other confined spaces that you will need to clear to get the couch where you want it to go. 

Another measurement that is useful to know is the seat depth. Seat depth is typically measured from the front of the seat cushion to the front of the back pillow. This measurement will have a major effect on the sofa’s comfort and aesthetics. Typical seat depth measurements are:

  • 18 inches- Just about the smallest measurement you will find. This is pleasing to the eye but not ideal for comfort 
  • 22 inches- Increased comfort that maintains a sleek profile 
  • 24 inches- Great for lounging or taking a nap
  • 33 inches- Maximum comfort

Knowing which seat depth is ideal for you can help you find a couch that will satisfy your comfort needs. 

Consider Function 

Though you want your furniture to be attractive, one of your first considerations when looking for a sofa should be function. Your sofa will need to consistently accommodate everyone in your family and any guests that may join you. A sectional is a good choice for large families or homes that will entertain guests frequently. A more compact option may be more appropriate for smaller groups and it can save room for other pieces of furniture or accessories you may want to add into your living room. 

Another thing to consider when evaluating the functionality of a sofa is its color. Homes with pets or children typically need to replace their sofa more often. These families may benefit from a sofa with a color or pattern that will help to camouflage the accidents and spills that typically happen in the home. People who are not at risk for frequent spills have more freedom in choosing colors and patterns. 

Similarly, buyers should choose their upholstery based on their lifestyle. You can use your past sofas as a barometer for which upholstery you should choose. If your couches tend to wear quickly, you will need a durable fabric to handle the demands of your home. Maintenance is also important because some materials require little maintenance and others require extensive and consistent maintenance. 

Find the Shape that is Right for Your Space

Different spaces require different shaped sofas. An L-shaped sectional sofa is good for spaces that need to be divided. The sectional can actually be a dynamic presence that brings your entire space together. These are typically ideal for large, open, spaces. A rounder shaped sectional sofa can work in small spaces where it typically gives the feel of a relaxed meetup place. 

Sectional type couches suggest a more casual space for lounging. If you need a more sophisticated feel, a traditional 3 seat sofa gives a more formal, sitting room feel. 

Know Which Colors Will Work with Your Decor

It’s important to choose functional colors and patterns that will work for your lifestyle, but you also need to think about how your sofa will fit in with the rest of your home decor. Choosing the right color is important because you ideally want to have your sofa in your home for many years, and the wrong color can end up feeling stale much sooner than you’d like. Whichever color you pick you should ask yourself if you will still like it as much in five years. If you aren’t absolutely sure about a certain color, buying a neutral colored sofa can be a safe choice. Additionally, you can always spruce up the color with throw pillows, quilts, and blankets. 

Dig Deeper

A lot of what makes a sofa great is actually what’s under the cover. There are multiple choices for cushion fillings that offer different advantages: 

  • Feather filled cushions- Feathers are a comfortable option, but they require increased maintenance such as regular plumping. 
  • Foam/Fiber- These fillings require less maintenance, but they do tend to lose their shape over time. 
  • Polyfill- This synthetic material is soft, durable, and fluffy. 

Typically, the most comfortable sofas feature cushions with some mix of these options. Foam wrapped in polyfill is a popular, modern seat filling.

The frame of your sofa is also extremely important because it has a significant effect on both comfort and durability. If price is your main concern, then you might consider lighter materials that will save you some money, but keep in mind they are not as durable and will not likely stand up to vigorous use. Alternatively, solid hardwood frames offer increased strength and a more comfortable lounging experience, but will have a higher cost up front. 

When you are searching for a new sofa, there are many factors that you should consider. The size and shape of your space will influence which kind of sofa will work best for you. The fabric, frame, filling, and shape are all important factors that will influence your comfort and satisfaction. When you need a new sofa, you should search for a reputable furniture store that has a history of giving clients what they want. Ashley Homestore offers multiple sofa options and knowledgeable associates that can help you get the best sofa for your space. Stop by your local store, or browse our inventory online to see our diverse offering of sofas that are made to fit into your lifestyle. 

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