These last few years have brought so much change for all of us, the widespread adoption of working from home being one of the biggest. Not all of us in the workforce have that luxury, but those of us that can work from any version of an office and are blessed with leadership who understand and embrace change, know how much of a game-changer it can be. Some have known this for years, but it’s refreshing to see more people embracing it.

Those that can’t work at home because their office is a truck, a register, a kitchen or anywhere in between are very much appreciated, even if it isn’t always expressed by people in ways that it should be.

If you are among the 26% of workers that gets to call their domain both Home and Office then you are most likely familiar with the terms “let me share my screen”, and “you’re on mute”. In the world of Zoom and Teams, we strive to present our best-dressed-self, and our best surroundings, to our colleagues and clients. For the days where a blurred background just will not do, an attractive backdrop will take your overall virtual appearance to the next level.  

Where to begin?

Your desk and chair are important for your own comfort and functionality. However, you could confidently broadcast with your laptop perched on a cardboard box because no one sees that part. Don’t let that fool you into skimping on your desk choice. Having a spacious workspace is tantamount to being your best, relaxed self when clocking in for 8+ hours a day.  

To add to the look, background furniture and decorative pieces should be given thoughtful consideration. Keep mirrors in the frame but use common sense and caution with their positioning…pay close attention to shelving and consider adding a variety of accent pieces to bring out your personality and fill up that dead space on a Zoom call. Plants and other greenery are a great way to bring color and texture to your home office, plus they are a great stress reliever.


A stand-alone bookshelf is a must for your home office, regardless of whether it will display a collection of first editions, or a smattering of photos, art, and dog-eared paperbacks. The traditional use for a bookshelf has irrevocably changed but should continue to be a permanent fixture in your home office. This is where you show your uniqueness and make it your own.

Additionally, a sofa or comfy chair is a great addition just like in a traditional office environment. The best part about choosing these pieces is the freedom to be a little daring and creative with your selections.

Icing on the cake

What ties all of this together? The accents you add – pillows, art, books, and collector items that give your space personality. The space behind you should reflect a bit about you. That’s part of the fun of working remotely, you get to share your interests just the same as if you were in the office. At Sam Levitz we have everything you’ll need to transform a dull home office into one of style and comfort. Stop by any of our Tucson locations to find your work from home style today.

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