Everyone should be comfortable in their own home. Especially in our kitchens, where we spend so much time, it’s vital we can navigate easily. You might not realize that a few simple design tricks could make your space much more accessible.

Have you ever felt a soreness in your back, trying to lift a heavy pot from a low cabinet? Are cabinets or shelves difficult to reach, especially from a wheelchair? You might think you’re stuck with your kitchen, but you’re not.

Here are 7 ways to make your kitchen more accessible:

  1. Get rid of the awkward corner cabinet

Replace it with a revolving Lazy Susan, so each item is easily within reach. If this space isn’t being utilized, a Lazy Susan is the perfect solution for creating more storage, without awkward corner cabinet doors.

  1. Stop using a shelf for your spices

Install a long and skinny spice rack between your existing cabinets. You will be amazed by how much easier it is stay organized. Your spices won’t get lost in the back of your cabinet, and since they easily slide in and out, you can quickly see which ones are full or need replacing.

  1. Replace high cabinets with lower storage options

Other than Lazy Susans, sliding shelves are a great way to create additional storage space within existing lower cabinets. Also, their customizable shapes allow for the utilization of otherwise dead space.

  1. Separate your fridge and freezer

Use a side-by-side refrigeration system, instead of the more typical stacked version. By having them next to each other, the lid lifts up, and it’s easier to reach down into it, rather than reaching up and away from yourself.

  1. Remove trash cans from the floor path

Particularly helpful for people in wheelchairs, store your trash bin in the pantry, in the garage, or – if you have the space – beneath the countertop in a cabinet of its own. Use a sliding shelf for easy access. This works great for recycling bins, too!

  1. Don’t break your back reaching for pots and pans

Instead, wherever you store these heavy items, install a sliding shelf or rack so you’re not leaning down and stressing your aching back.

  1. Remodel your pantry

The typical arrangement of a pantry includes a couple shelves at the top that are without of reach, and ones too thin for effective organization. Instead, use pull out drawers and racks for better access.

Take action to transform your kitchen into an accessible space, so you can use it easily every day. Consult the experts at Shelves That Slide in Tucson. With over 25 years in the business, Shelves That Slide knows exactly what your kitchen needs, and that’s why their DIY shelves come with everything you need for an easy installation.

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