With an endless supply of information and reviews about furniture available online today, you may think consulting a salesperson before making a purchase is a waste of time. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Taking the time to share your design vision, communicate your space’s needs, and ask specific questions about the furnishings you’re interested in, can make a tremendous difference in achieving the look you have in mind. To get the most out of your furniture shopping experience, be sure to ask the salesperson at your favorite furniture store these important questions.

What Does the Price Include?

When you step foot in the furniture store, you’re sure to see price tags all around. What does the price of that leather sectional really include though? Rather than assuming you know, it’s a good idea to ask the salesperson:

  • What’s the price difference between sizes and styles of the same piece?
  • Does the price include shipping? What about assembly?
  • Does the price include tax?
  • Do accessories come with it, such as throw pillows?
  • Is there a warranty? If so, how long does it last and what does it cover?
  • Is the price negotiable or is there a sale soon?
  • What payment options are available?
  • Does the store price match if a competitor has a better offer on the same piece?

Furniture should be an investment in the comfort and beauty of your home. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to ask questions about what the price of the piece you’re interested in includes to make sure that you get the most out of your money.

Is the Piece Customizable?

Furniture has come a long way in the last twenty years. More furniture brands than ever are offering customizable features on everything from recliners and living room sets to bunk beds and breakfast tables. Imagine that you find the perfect seating arrangement for your family room on the showroom floor only to learn that it can be customized to your unique color and style preferences. You may be surprised by just how many options there are for a simple sofa or dining room set, such as upholstery options, wood finishes, and mechanical features. Even if you are in love with a particular piece of furniture, be sure to ask if customizable features are available. You never know what options would make your purchase even better!

How was it Made?

You don’t have to be a furniture expert to figure out if the items you want to purchase are well-made or not. This is especially true for pieces that you’ll use every day, and that comfort and durability are top priorities, such as a sofa or bed. Ask the salesperson what the frame and filling are made from, as well as who manufactured them and where. It’s better to devote a little more time to get a piece that will last for years rather than to hastily purchase an inexpensive piece that you may replace down the road.


How Long Should It Last?

Along with how the furniture was made, it’s important to ask the salesperson how long you can expect it to last. No one wants to fork over a healthy chunk of change on a chair they hoped would last a decade, only to see it wearing down after a year or two. Some follow-up questions may include:

  • How long will the piece look like new?
  • Has the fabric been treated to prevent stains?
  • Has the fabric been tested for durability?
  • Does the factory or store offer a guarantee on the furniture? How long does it last?

What Happens if Things Go Wrong?

Even when you do your research and find furniture that you love in the store, sometimes things will still go wrong. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase or if the furniture breaks unexpectedly, it’s important to know what to do next. Before you finalize your purchase, ask the salesperson:

  • What steps should you take to get your money back or a replacement on a broken piece?
  • Should you contact the furniture store or the manufacturer directly?
  • Will the furniture store send you a new item or try to repair the damaged one?
  • If you must send the piece back, who will pay for the shipping?

How Should I Care for the Furniture?

Oftentimes, people get so excited to bring new furniture home that they forget to consider important factors, such as how to best care for the pieces they purchase. If you’ve never owned a full-grain leather sofa or solid oak coffee table, you may not know how to clean or maintain it. Be sure to ask if there are special products or techniques you should be aware of to keep your furniture looking like new for years to come.

Why Should I Buy From You?

Consumers have more options than ever to make furnishing their homes convenient and affordable. With this in mind, ask the salesperson at your local furniture store what sets them apart from their competitors. They should go above and beyond to impress you with exceptional customer service, a large selection of merchandise, convenient warranties and return policies, and competitive prices. Don’t be shy about having high expectations for your furniture salesperson. It’s their job to earn your business, not the other way around.

Finding furniture that will look great and withstand wear and tear in the future doesn’t have to be stressful. Consulting the professionals at Sam Levitz Furniture can make your furniture shopping experience simple and enjoyable from beginning to end. Our knowledgeable design team is eager to answer all of your questions and help you get the most bang-for-your-buck when decorating any room in your home. Stop by our showroom or contact us today.

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