Are you disappointed by your disorderly kitchen? Never have enough time to keep everything clean? Or, do you feel like no matter how you arrange things, there just doesn’t seem to be enough space for it all?

Kitchens are a key part of our daily routine, so it can feel impossible to maintain it all the time. How exactly do the professionals keep their kitchens sparkling clean and organized? They know the secrets to maintaining a fresh and tidy kitchen!

Here are 6 smart and simple tips for tidying your kitchen like a pro.

  1. Work your way down

Start by dusting surfaces and wiping down countertops. Don’t worry about debris falling to the floor. Wipe the crumbs off the counter and tables until the floor looks like a baseball stadium covered with peanut shells and popcorn. Open your cabinets and clean out any dust or crumbs, and don’t forget the top of the fridge or ceiling fan! The uglier your floor looks, the better.

  1. Triple down on floors

Next, it’s time to grab a broom and sweep up the large bits and particles. Little crumbs or something like salt can be left alone until you vacuum. Then, take your vacuum and go around your kitchen until everything has been removed. Don’t forget to use the hose and attachments to clear out hard to reach places, like under the refrigerator.

  1. Out with the old

Open your refrigerator and toss any expired or unsightly foods into the trash. Go through your pantry and check for stale breads, cereals, or anything else past its prime. Toss it all into the trash and start new!

This first phase will make your kitchen fresh and clean, but to ensure your kitchen stays organized, you’ll need to take on phase two.

  1. Install a sliding trash system by Shelves That Slide to hide trash

Stowing your trash bin beneath the countertop frees up more space, reduces foul odors, and gives your kitchen a more organized appearance. Adding a pull out trash system allows you to store a garbage bin and recycling bin side-by-side with easy access.

  1. Organize your spices

Instead of sticking your spices in the back of your cabinet, fit them neatly into a drawer with a spice rack insert or on a revolving Lazy Susan, so they are always within reach. Plus, having a clear view of what’s available makes meal prep easy and painless.

  1. Make pots and pans more accessible

Don’t break your back lifting heavy pans that make a loud racket in the morning as you sort through them. Install another pull out shelf inside an already existing cabinet to condense space and ensure you have a place for this valuable cookware.

With these easy tips, your clean and tidy kitchen will have you cooking like a pro in no time. Once you’re organized with the help of Shelves That Slide Inc., maintaining its appearance and hygiene will be much less work, which means more time doing what you enjoy!

For more information on the wide array of products available to assist you in getting organized, speak with an expert, or schedule a free in-home, no obligation consultation, don’t hesitate to contact Shelves That Slide at or 800-598-7390. Also, visit their website at for more tips and guides.

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