A good night’s rest is essential to feeling great. But the secret to slumber is not just a medley of scheduled bedtimes and mugs of warm milk — your actual bed matters. If you haven’t given thought to the state of your mattress lately, it might just be time to replace it.

Mattresses aren’t supposed to last forever; they have a specific timeframe for doing their job, usually eight to ten years, but it can vary by the model and other factors. Unsure of whether the mattress at your house has reached its expiration date? Here are a few ways to tell.

  1. You regularly wake up with aches and pains.

Do you get out of bed in the morning and feel sore? While the telltale sign of a poor mattress is lower back pain, your bed could be causing aches practically anywhere, from your hands and wrists to your legs and feet. Before jumping to any medical conclusions, try a new mattress. You’ll likely be surprised at how much difference it makes.

  1. The couch or your guest room has suddenly become appealing

Having trouble getting comfortable and drifting off to dreamland lately? Migrating to the guest room, your child’s room or even the downstairs living room sofa can mean that your bed just isn’t doing the trick anymore. Don’t spoil your marriage and settle for the futon in the office. A new mattress can make the bedroom a more welcoming place again.

  1. Coffee just doesn’t cut it anymore

If you used to be able to leap out of bed with vigor in the morning and enjoy breakfast, coffee and morning walks but now you can scarcely muster the enthusiasm to ditch the snooze button, the answer could be as simple as your mattress. Before resorting to prescription drugs to coax yourself back into restful sleep, invest in an updated mattress.

  1. You allergies last all year long

Are you waking up with allergy symptoms such as watery eyes or a stuffy nose? If each morning seems to be the brink of an allergy attack, it could be your mattress. Over time, mattresses can collect skin dander, pet hair, dust and mold – which, in turn, become embedded into the fibers and can certainly affect your ability to breathe easily. In other words, if you can’t figure out what you’re allergic to, it could be your bed!

  1. Your mattress has developed a new shape

Mattresses tend to lose their shape as their age. Besides sagging and losing their firmness or spring, many of them will develop a frustrating dip in the center. And while many people flip their mattresses to get more wear out of them — and pillow-top cushioning on both sides is becoming more common – if your mattress is seriously losing its original form, it’s time to admit that a new one is needed.

If your old mattress has seen better days, start your search for a replacement at Sam Levitz Furniture.

With hundreds of mattresses available from all of the biggest brands, including Sealy and Tempur-Pedic, you’re bound to find your dream mattress at Sam Levitz. Their team has the expertise and experience to help you navigate their wide selection to find the right mattress for your needs and budget.

To learn more, stop into one of their Tucson locations or visit online at SamLevitz.com.

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