Whether your family is Catholic or not, many parents know that Catholic schools provide an exceptional values-based education. So why aren’t they considering registering their children in these private institutions?

With strong academics, extracurricular activities and plenty of other perks, there are many benefits for children and parents who join the more than 5,000 elementary Catholic schools across the country.

Why should you consider enrolling your child in a Catholic school?

“We accept children of all religions, all faith backgrounds – even if they don’t have a faith background,” says Theresa Dolan-Dixon, principal of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School in Tucson.

She says the school is focused on supporting parents in their children’s education and character development, which are pillars of a Catholic education.

That’s just one advantage. Here, a few more to think about:

  1. It’s affordable

Many people don’t know that tuition assistance is available at all Catholic schools. Dolan-Dixon’s student body received approximately $700,000 in scholarships during the past year. Even more opportunities are available now compared to the past allowing parents to enroll multiple children at the school while paying little out of pocket. All it takes is the effort to fill out the application.

“Finances should never be something that deters a parent from making the choice for a Catholic education,” says Dolan-Dixon.

  1. Rigorous academics

Catholic schools are known for their commitment to high academic standards. At St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, the curriculum aims to educate and develop all aspects of each student, from academics to emotional development. After-school enrichment classes cover everything from cooking and theater to music and foreign languages. Junior high students get to select elective courses, which prepares them to choose classes when they go on to high school.

Students at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton also consistently achieve scores above grade levels. However, “it’s not all about test scores,” notes Dolan-Dixon. “It’s about the achievement of that child on their own personal level.”

  1. Sports teams

Just like their public counterparts, Catholic schools don’t skimp on athletics. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School has its own gym and several competitive teams, including volleyball, basketball and track.

  1. Safe environment

Many schools, including St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, offer before- and after-school care to ensure children are safe all day long. Staff and faculty are thoroughly vetted, and parents using the service have the convenience and peace of mind of knowing their child or children are protected in one safe location.

  1. Character development

Nurturing children to make good choices and positive contributions to the world is another facet of attending Catholic school that parents may not find at public institutions.

Dolan-Dixon says teachers and faculty go the extra mile to inform children about which behaviors are appropriate and inappropriate — and why that’s so. They take time out to teach children how to speak and act in different situations and settings.

In today’s technology-driven world, it is also vital for children to learn how to engage with peers and adults, so the campus does not support cell phone use during the school day.

“We want them to learn how to engage in conversation,” Dolan-Dixon explains.

  1. Long-term success

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School is now in its 15th year, so the initial students are just finishing up college. Already, however, the faculty and staff have seen countless student achievements that can be attributed to the strong Catholic elementary school foundation the school provides.

“We do see our students being very successful in high school and very successful in college,” she says.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton is a private, Catholic school for preschool through junior high students. Located in Northwest Tucson, the school combines academic excellence with faith development to set kids up for lifelong success.

To learn more about enrolling your student in St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School this next school year, visit online at School.SEASTucson.org or call (520) 219-7650.

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About St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School

The mission of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish School is to foster the spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical, and social growth of its students. Steeped in a traditional Catholic environment, the school is committed to academic excellence and faith development. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish school encourages its students, parents, faculty and staff to grow in God’s grace through Spirituality, a commitment to Excellence, Academics, and Service.

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