The students at PPEP Tec High Schools give back to the community with their time, energy and creativity. All while gaining valuable experience and community connections that will help them succeed after graduation. With projects like a partnership with the April Joy Foundation to create custom-made coloring books for kids in waiting rooms in hospitals around Tucson allow students to make a difference and have fun.

PPEP TEC students Guitar Club

These students have spent countless hours volunteering time at the Community Food Bank, collecting donations for Louisiana flood relief, coordinating knit hat donations for patients with cancer and more are just a few ways they have invested in the community. In Douglas, the students devised and accomplished an ambitious campaign to literally clean up the streets by picking up trash and making the sidewalks and public areas shine.

It’s all about working toward graduation and preparing for life after high school, whether they choose to pursue more education, military, or enter the workforce directly by learning problem solving skills in real-life settings. This unique approach to education is just one of the reasons why PPEP Tec students love their school; another is the support they get in return. “All I really needed was a helping hand and that is what PPEP TEC provided. They would not let me fail,” said one student.

Like a lot of high school students, the ones at PPEP Tec often have real-world jobs and responsibilities; the school recognizes that and works to be flexible by offering both traditional day classes and convenient evening classes in a four-day school week. Monday through Thursday, students attend classes with Friday reserved for open tutoring and making up classroom time.

PPEP Tec students “Clean Dream Team” in Douglas

Extracurricular activities – sports, music, art, garden club – are planned every school year based on what the kids are in to. “PPEP is more than just a charter school, we are flexible with our activities to fit the students, not the other way around,” explained Jeff Mace, student services coordinator.

Open enrollment is going on now for all PPEP Tec High Schools in Southern Arizona and with school starting August 2, there is no better time to learn more about what this school can do for you. Visit their website at .

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About PPEP Tec High Schools

PPEP TEC High School (PTHS) is available for students looking for an alternative to a “traditional” education. With small student to teacher ratios, we are able to provide more of a one-on-one learning experience.

PPEP TEC High School provides an alternative educational option for students ages 14-21, grades 9-12.

We offer a comprehensive high school curriculum taught by highly qualified and caring teachers. In addition, depending on student commitment, we offer accelerated learning opportunities that will enable a first-time freshman to graduate within 3 years!

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