From the first day Paint Kings opened its doors in 1987, Frank O’Hair had the simplest of business plans: SERVE the CUSTOMER.

Frank grew up in Tucson, and with his infectious smile and big personality he was a natural in the restaurant business, holding every conceivable position from Bus Boy to Owner, and in restaurants ranging from Burger Joint to French Fine Dining.  Some restaurants thrived…others failed… The difference?  Customer service.

At the age of 30, Frank yearned to spend more time with his family, tired of being away on nights and holidays, he searched the Tucson area to see where his strengths might be an advantage in another industry.  It didn’t take long for him to notice the home improvement market in Tucson, particularly the painting trade.  Painters in the Tucson market had a horrible reputation.  They never answered their phones, were always late, never finished on time, treated people poorly, just generally unprofessional!

Enter The Paint Kings Inc!  With the simple business plan of exceptional customer service- Answer the phone! Not leaving a message. Always punctual!  Or Early. Finish on schedule! Respect others’ time. Treat people amazing! Even if they are in the wrong. Be PROFESSIONAL! Uniforms-Marked Vehicles- Proper Equipment-Doing the job right, and always putting the customer FIRST!

Well it didn’t take long, and even at a time before internet reviews or home improvement websites, Paint Kings grew quite the reputation around the Tucson Community as the best residential painting contractor.  After a few years Paint Kings was truly a successful locally owned family business.

A Family Business

With the growth of Paint Kings came neat opportunities.  Frank’s wife Mary was able to leave her career at a local bank and come help spearhead the growing office and accounting responsibilities.  Frank’s 3 children Eddie, Michael, and Cassidy were able to come and work summers during High School and College.  Many other family members have had the opportunity to be part of the Paint Kings team over the years.

The Next Generation

In 2000 Frank’s oldest Son Eddie joined Paint Kings full time.  Eddie took the opportunity to expand the services offered by Paint Kings.  At that point Paint Kings opened its Commercial and New Home Construction divisions.  Both Commercial Contractors and New Home Builders were impressed by Paint Kings commitment to quality and Service.  Again the simple business plan of SERVING the CUSTOMER was a winning formula.  During the housing boom Paint Kings was awarded Trade Partner of the Year by KB Homes, received multiple Super Service Awards from Angie’s List, Quality Contractor Award from Actus Lend Lease, and many more.  Then in 2012 Frank’s other son Michael, left his career at Raytheon as an Engineer to join the Team.

The Team

It all begins and ends with the Paint Kings Team members.  Paint Kings doesn’t hire employees.  Paint Kings believes it is important to SERVE its Team members, so that its Team members will better SERVE the CUSTOMER.  Paint Kings is a family business, and treats its Team members like family.  Even at the beginning Paint Kings believed it was important to pay a Top Wage, offer Health Insurance, 401k Retirement Plan, and Paid Time Off.  The result?  As Paint Kings has grown, it has attracted Tucson’s top painters, managers, and crew.  Many Team members have been with Paint Kings 5, 10, and even 25 years.  Today Paint Kings has over 150 Team members and the opportunities continue to grow.


Frank and Mary are officially retired enjoying time with their 6 grandchildren.  Eddie, Michael, and Shawn(Frank’s Nephew) run the day to day operations and are leading the company into the future.  Paint Kings opened a 2nd location in Phoenix and daily strives to accomplish its mission.

The Paint Kings, Inc.’s Mission:

To provide professional, affordable, paint jobs in a fun working environment, all the while focusing on our founding philosophy of giving the best customer service possible.

What does the future hold? SERVING the CUSTOMER.

For more information on The Paint Kings, Inc. please visit their website at or give them a call at 520-322-5181.

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