Employees at Splendido credit residents and coworkers within the Life Plan Community for creating a supportive and fulfilling work environment. Shown, from left: Rosanna Robinson-Marquez, Mark Colvin, and Leticia Cvetnich.

What does it take to attract good employees these days? As local businesses wrestle with a competitive job market—particularly for nurses, CNAs, and restaurant servers—sometimes it is the intangible benefits that can give an employer an edge.

Splendido, an all-inclusive community for those 55 and better in Oro Valley, offers a competitive benefits package that includes medical and dental coverage, 401(k), and generous tuition reimbursement—up to $5,250 per year for a grade of C or better.

But the benefits that employees praise the most are the warm and supportive environment and the organization’s strong focus on employee wellness.

Support from All Sides

Splendido employees frequently describe the atmosphere as “a second family,” where people help each other and root for each other’s successes, both professional and personal.

Daniel Solomon, BSN, RN, who works in Splendido’s on-site health center, loves his job and his work place. He chose Splendido over another offer a mile from his home, and says it’s been well worth it: “You may drive 20 more minutes, but you’re happy the entire day being here and feeling like you’re being supported,” he says.

Leticia Cvetnich, human resources assistant, agrees, saying, “I like everything about working here. I really love the people I work with, and I like coming into a positive atmosphere every day.”

Focus on Employee Wellness

Mark Colvin, assistant director of building services, is impressed with Splendido’s commitment to employee wellness. “I’ve never worked at a company that does it better,” he says. “There’s an annual wellness fair and activities throughout the year, and they’ll reimburse us every year for any type of class where we learn something new!”

Mark is referring to Splendido’s Learning to Age Well program, which offers up to $130 reimbursement annually for any preapproved class an employee is interested in, from Pilates sessions to music lessons. This unique benefit represents Splendido’s values and sense of fun, while offering every full-time employee a chance to learn something new every year.

Benefits That Add Up

Daniel started at Splendido as a licensed practical nurse seven years ago, and, taking advantage of tuition reimbursement, earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing. “Working here made [earning my degree] so much easier,” he says. “The tuition reimbursement, the flexible schedules… they go out of their way to make it happen for me.”

Other Splendido employment benefits include

  • medical and dental benefits 
  • generous paid time off (PTO) program
  • 401(k) program with strong employer match
  • plus discounted meals, free uniforms for applicable positions, and much more

Fulfilling Work

Splendido employees—from restaurant staff to administration—appreciate being able to impact the lives of residents just by doing their everyday work. “My job definitely gives me the self-fulfillment I was looking for,” says Rosanna Robinson-Marquez, programs assistant. “I’m in my 20s and was still looking for what I want to do with my life. I feel like I was meant for this job. I enjoy making people happy and giving back.”

Mark also names fulfillment as a motivator. In fact, he moved to Tucson from Jackson, Mississippi, six years ago to work at Splendido because he wanted a job that was meaningful. “I like having an impact and making a difference in the lives of residents,” he says. “I know I have a positive impact on their lives, and they’ve had a positive impact on mine.”

If you’re interested in working at Splendido, or know someone who is, browse open positions at splendidotucson.com/jobs.

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