Are you passionate about healing and caring for others? Are you always looking for new challenges? Are you someone who loves working in an innovative and supportive team to make a difference in your community? At Northwest Medical Center, you can join other healthcare professionals who are advancing their skills and career in the field.


Northwest is a prime selection for employment that is both equally rewarding and challenging. With a team of over 700 medical providers, there is always the opportunity for advancement and on-going training. Northwest Medical Center is a distinguished facility that prides itself on its stable growth within the medical field. Here are the top 3 reasons Northwest Medical Center is a great fit for you:

With multiple resources supporting it, Northwest Healthcare is expanding to all areas of Tucson, Arizona. Locations including but not limited to; Northwest Hospital, Oro Valley Hospital, the Free Standing Emergency Department in Vail and Quick Meds all over town.

There are multiple resources behind the powerful advancement at Northwest Medical Center. Ranging from the team of providers that assist with hands- on training and mentoring to tuition reimbursement for those who want to continue their education. There is always an opportunity for advancement awaiting you at Northwest Medical.

If a high-quality facility and a supportive team weren’t enough, Northwest adopts the use of highly sophisticated technology. Many new online advancements have been put in place at Urgent Cares and Emergency Department check ins. In addition, online health access is available where doctors can be contacted and communicated with via video chat. At Northwest Medical you will get experience working with technology such as Cerner, Pyxis, 3D Mammography, and robotic-assisted surgery.

These are just a few reasons why Northwest Healthcare is excelling as an employer in Tucson, Arizona.

Are you ready for a new opportunity? Join Southern Arizona’s first choice in healthcare:


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