ThinkstockPhotos-465592927.jpgWhether it’s a simple stomachache or something more serious, Northwest Medical Center has the primary care and special care professionals that are dedicated to improving the community’s well-being.

Northwest prides itself on serving the public with its diverse and qualified staff. Its staff is dedicated to providing patient-centered care. Not only does Northwest provide high-quality care for patients, but it provides countless opportunities and a positive environment for its employees.

As an equal opportunity employer, Northwest Medical Center is an excellent option for experienced nurses and physical and occupational therapistslooking for new inspirations and challenges. With over 15 nursing departments and therapy facilities, Northwest offers opportunities for those in nursing careers to take their skills to the next level.

Here are the top five reasons to apply:

  1. Opportunity for relocation. Tucson is a vibrant city boasting natural beauty and rich history, and there is always the chance to find a location that benefits you and your career goals.ThinkstockPhotos-487695165.jpg
  2. Patient-Nurse Ratio. With 300 hospital bed, Northwest knows that each patient requires personalized attention.
    To meet this, the hospital is home to a team of over 700 care providers, which makes it easy to direct attention where it is needed and provide valuable clinical assistance. ThinkstockPhotos-465702013.jpg
  3. Tuition Reimbursement. Looking to advance your career?
    Northwest offers tuition assistance and reimbursement for bachelors and graduate programs. There are also scholarships offered for continuing education. ThinkstockPhotos-152142618.jpg
  4. Diverse Culture. There are numerous men and women
    from different backgrounds serving within the organization. While each come from different experiences, they all share the same goal of providing high quality care. Additionally, the longevity of the staff is useful as new nurses come in, there are opportunities to be mentored and learn from peers to get engrained into the culture.ThinkstockPhotos-465161665.jpg
  5. Innovative technology.  Join a hospital and medical center that is on the forefront of therapy technology with a new sport and rehab center and that also incorporates devices like Cerner, Pyxis, 3D Mammography, and robotic-assisted surgery.

Northwest Medical Center offers each candidate a dynamic and team-oriented environment, growth opportunities, and technology to take your nursing career to the next level. Visit their website for more information on current nursing and therapy job openings. It’s never too late to join a successful and stimulating organization like Northwest!


About Northwest Medical Center

Northwest Medical Center is your community healthcare provider; a 300-bed facility with comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services including emergency care; heart and stroke care; weight-loss surgery; and spine and joint programs; among the 35-plus specialties offered here.

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