It can be hard (and expensive!) trying to keep your home’s furniture and decor up to date with all the latest trends. But when it comes to making the biggest bang for your buck, it’s often best to look to your kitchen. You and your family spend hours in there, it’s a place for gathering, entertaining and above all, it should function well, too!
Below, we’ve tracked down some statement-making trends when it comes to kitchen décor.

1. Mid-century modern furniture is in
Derived from the mid-20th century (think ‘50s and ‘60s), the design style is characterized by thin, simple lines with a nod to nature. Wooden dining tables and chairs that are clean and elegant, not big and bulky will look chic in any kitchen.

2. Coffee stations are key
If your family is full of coffee drinkers, odds are that there’s a line next to the machine every morning. You have to get your mug, run to the fridge for the milk and another drawer for your spoons. You’re all over the place! Make your space more efficient.
Set up a spot either on your counter, with accessories on hand, or on a little bar cart, creating your own restaurant-like station. Not only will this make getting your morning Joe easier, it’ll also be less of an eyesore for guests.

3. Kitchen tables are getting makeovers
While some homeowners opt for tradition over trend, one of the newer kitchen styles is forgoing the typical table. While it’s still necessary to have a spot to sit, experts say that high-tops or pub tables are getting a lot of buzz this year. They encourage people to stand and foster a fun vibe while entertaining friends.

4. Concealed appliances hide kitchen eyesores
There are only so many things you can do to a microwave to make it look more inviting. Stainless steel and fun colors are both OK options, but camouflage is better. Hidden behind elegant doors or even in a drawer, some appliances are being tucked away to make your kitchen look even sleeker.

5. Dramatic lighting enters the kitchen
Don’t banish those eye-catching chandeliers solely to the dining room. Let your kitchen shine, too! Create spotlights on certain workspaces, choose sleek fixtures for over your island and don’t forget under the cabinets.

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