The countdown to Christmas is here! In Denmark and Scandinavia, most towns are sparkling with lights and decorations. Gardens are transformed into holiday wonderlands with magical fairy lights and Christmas trees, ever since the first Christmas tree was lit on Copenhagen’s Town Hall Square in 1914.

And it’s not just about Christmas Day – the Danes take part in merry celebrations during the entire month of December! Taking the time to decorate with stars, hearts, fir, and ribbons in the traditional colors of red, gold, silver, and white is very special in Danish households, which have warm, welcoming, and cozy atmospheres.

With Copenhagen Imports’s unique and beautiful Scandinavian ornaments and other accessories, you too can create a feeling of “hygge,” or coziness, and make your guests smile with delight this holiday season as they enjoy the comforting spirit of home.


Hygge, pronounced “hoo-ga,” is a Danish word that is most directly translated into English as “a feeling of comfort and coziness,” though its meaning extends far beyond the physical and emotional. Copenhagen owner Jorgen Hansen explains that a person’s surrounding environment, physical comfort, connections to others, and emotional state all influence their feeling of “hygge.” “Hygge” is created when you feel at home and contented with where you are and who you are with.

Hygge is also referred to as an art of creating intimacy using objects, decorations, and design elements that help you embrace coziness and well-being. These elements can be as simple as a lit candle and a steaming cup of tea; a fuzzy throw with a comfy pillow, piano music, and a quiet Tomte (gnome) as a companion; a home-cooked meal with friends around a candle-lit dinner table.

The Copenhagen Imports Holiday Collection

Copenhagen offers a colorful collection of Danish and Scandinavian decorations and unique gifts, including all sizes of tomte (gnomes), candleholders, penguins, vases, ornaments, and more.

Copenhagen’s owners – Erik Hansen, his son Jens, and his brother Jorgen – have curated a beautiful collection of Scandinavian Christmas pieces that stay true to Danish culture and their passion for design.

Below are a few highlights from the 2017 Christmas collection, as well as descriptions of each one you can add to your home!

Tomtes- The tomte – also known as a nisse – is the Danish equivalent to Santa Claus. A domestic sprite, a tomte helps ensure the protection and well-being of a household. Tomte Santa and his friends make wonderful additions to your holiday table and centerpieces. Our Tomte Santa ornament – with his adorable little nose and beard –  is the perfect finishing touch to your tree. Made from sheepskin, these cute little gnomes with their own unique personalities are sure to make you smile!

Candleholders- Few things create comforting coziness better than candlelight. Our Nobili tea light holder by the Danish porcelain company Kahler brings warmth and spirit into your home. Count down the time until Christmas with our elegant Advent candle, and illuminate cold nights with your choice of small, medium, or large Hurricane lamps.

Tree Ornaments- Adorn your Christmas tree with our collection of lovely ornaments. From dainty hearts and bells to fairy angels and hand-cut paper snowmen, these lovely ornaments will perfectly dress up your tree or window. And don’t forget to check out our collection of star mobiles in festive colors like gold, red, and silver.

Hoptimists/Bumbles- Add a little happiness to your holiday table setting with our cute collection of bumbles. Also known as Hoptimists, these springy, whimsical little Danish toys are sure to bring smiles to your guests’ faces. Hang these joyful baubles in a window or hallway, or even on a Christmas tree. Choose from our reindeer bumbles, snowman bumbles, and Santa bumbles. Or choose them all for a grand bumble collection!

Come by and explore our entire seasonal collection at our Tucson store, and infuse your home with festive warmth!

About Copenhagen Imports

Bringing a Passion for Modern Scandinavian Design to the Southwest.

In April 1970, the first Copenhagen Imports opened in Phoenix, Arizona, bringing a still-developing city its first furniture showroom dedicated solely to Danish Modern style. Founders Tony Christensen and Erik Hansen made the decision to move to Phoenix based on their passion for good design and their desire to have a positive impact upon the desert Southwest by bringing a new type of design to the valley.

At the time, local furniture-store owners in the Phoenix area scoffed at the two Danes’ design ideas and concepts, saying “That stuff will never sell. Six months and they’re out!” Quite the contrary—that “stuff” did sell! It sold so well, in fact, that shortly after, Hansen and Christensen opened additional stores in Tempe, Tucson, and Scottsdale. Continued growth moved Copenhagen into Texas, with stores first opening in El Paso, San Antonio, and, soon after, Austin.

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