When it comes to designing living spaces that feel as good as they look, functionality matters. No one wants to spend time in a room that isn’t comfortable or practical, even if it is beautiful. Incorporating pieces into your home that not only blend in with the surrounding decorations but that also enhance the overall function of the space is key. Check out these ideas from the design team at Ashley HomeStore in Tucson  to elevate the function of every room in your house.

Hidden storage

Hidden storage is a homeowner’s best friend. Additional storage can help keep your everyday necessities easily accessible and organized without taking away from the visual appeal of the room. For instance, placing an ottoman with hidden storage at the foot of your bed is a great way to keep extra linens out of sight. Likewise, replacing your ordinary coffee table with one that opens up with extra storage space is a great way to hide toys, blankets and anything else your family may use regularly but you don’t want guests to see when they stop by.


It’s no secret that greenery can make any room look stylish and feel inviting, but adding a potted plant or two to your living spaces can do more for your home than bring in beautiful color and texture. Using houseplants in your home is also a great way to help you feel at ease, sleep better and keep the air fresh. Many plants, such as peace lilies, snake plants and fiddle leaf figs, can help remove harmful toxins from the air, making your home smell clean and feel its best. If that doesn’t make you want to run out to purchase a new spider plant or succulent, nothing will.

Rolling bar cart

Bar carts are making a big comeback in modern home decor and for good reason. Along with being easily customizable to suit anyone’s style, budget and preferences, bar carts can act as a lovely accent piece in your living room, dining room or even your patio area. While you could make a bar cart out of nearly any table or cart, investing in one on wheels is an easy way to make your home even more functional. By investing in a rolling bar cart, keeping your guests entertained has never been more convenient. When the party moves from your family room to your back porch, simply roll your favorite beverages and glassware to wherever your friends and family are hanging out. 

Task lighting

The lighting that you use in your living spaces can have a tremendous impact on the way those spaces look and function. Choosing pieces that adequately illuminate your home based on what activities you plan to do in each room is essential to making it as practical and comfortable as possible. For instance, no one wants to chop vegetables in a poorly lit kitchen or read before going to sleep in a bedroom that’s lit up with harsh ambient lighting. With this in mind, be sure to choose task light fixtures that will complement the appearance of your home while also making your spaces more functional. When considering what lamps and fixtures to bring in, ask yourself what activities you’ll be doing and what the ideal lighting for those activities will be.


If there’s one element of home decor that can benefit virtually any area of your home it’s a mirror. Mirrors come in countless shapes, sizes and styles, making them a wonderful option for every homeowner, regardless of their needs or budget. Additionally, mirrors can offer a number of aesthetic and functional benefits, including:

  • Providing an eye-catching focal point to any room, big or small.
  • Making small rooms look bigger by giving the illusion of there being more available space.
  • Brightening up dark rooms by maximizing both natural and artificial light sources.
  • Enhancing the functionality of bedrooms and bathrooms where being able to see yourself is important.

Woven baskets

When decorating any area of your home, it’s important to consider how you can incorporate texture. Bringing in the right textures can make a space feel warm, balanced and visually intriguing rather than dull, ordinary or uninspiring. Luckily, adding much-needed texture to your home doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as using woven baskets. Woven baskets come in a variety of sizes and colors, which make them the perfect option to store everything from blankets in your living room and toys in your child’s room, to dry goods in your pantry and toiletries in your bathroom. Woven baskets are as attractive as they are practical.

Floating shelves

If you’re looking for an effective way to make your home feel open and clutter-free while still being stylish and visually intriguing, you can’t go wrong with incorporating a few floating shelves. Open shelving is clearly a great option to store household items, such as dishes and books, but it’s also the perfect place to display some tasteful decorations without infringing on your valuable walking space. Use your floating shelves to show off family photographs, floral arrangements and decorative knick-knacks while keeping your countertops, side tables and other furniture surfaces neat and tidy. 

Elevate the functionality of your home with Ashley HomeStore

Making every room in your home more functional shouldn’t be complicated, expensive or time-consuming. If you’d love to make your home more functional, but don’t know where to start, the friendly design team at Ashley HomeStore is here to help you every step of the way. Stop by our convenient showroom location in Tucson today to check out our large selection of one-of-a-kind home furnishings that can effortlessly elevate the functionality of your home. You won’t believe how convenient and fun redecorating can be!

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