Starting with a few hundred students in 2002, La Paloma Academy’s enrollment today is now in the thousands, and is about to grow even more with the opening of their fourth campus in Marana, currently enrolling students for the 2022-2023 school year.

With the opening of its Marana campus, La Paloma Academy has become the largest and fastest-growing charter school group in Southern Arizona. La Paloma’s four K-8 campuses are also among the longest-operating charter schools in Tucson.

La Paloma’s schools offer a unique cultural atmosphere, not only stressing a challenging academic curriculum, but also by emphasizing family values. The four campuses of La Paloma Academy incorporate the Six Pillars of Character, which focus on trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship, all of which are designed  to teach students essential life skills they will use throughout their lifetimes. 

Schools across the state, including La Paloma’s four campuses, have implemented Arizona’s Academic Standards to ensure that all students have the academic knowledge and skills they need to be successful in college, career, and life. La Paloma Academy is committed to ensuring that their curriculum and instruction meets these standards.

The four campuses of La Paloma also prepare students based on Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards which are designed to improve educational outcomes for students by raising the bar for student performance to ensure they’ll be college and career ready. 

Additionally, La Paloma Academy uses benchmark assessment data to continually monitor students’ progress, tracking both learning levels and instructional practices to achieve the highest academic success at every level.

Life today can be hectic and unpredictable, and La Paloma Academy continues to find ways to improve the lives of students, their families, and the community by offering amenities such as tuition-free education, so families don’t have to worry about financing their child’s future success. All four campuses also offer free full-day kindergarten, and free before- and after-school care, which is a big help to working families.

Students enrolled in the La Paloma experience will also receive exposure to music, the arts, computers, sports, and so much more. 

The four campuses of La Paloma Academy serve grades K-8 at the following locations:

13644 N. Sandario Rd., Marana – (520) 545-0575

2050 N. Wilmot Rd. – (520) 721-4205

8140 E. Golf Links Rd. – (520) 733-7373

5660 S. 12th Ave. – (520) 807-9668

Enroll your student NOW in La Paloma Academy for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year. Go to and give your child the opportunity to receive an educational experience that’s both entertaining and challenging through a variety of programs and community service projects. Reserve a spot for your child today!