While new homes are typically built with ABS or PVC piping, if your home was built before 1978, chances are you have cast iron pipes. Which means you may be sitting on a ticking time bomb. That’s because cast iron pipes—which replaced clay pipes, the oldest piping material in the world and the material of choice in the US until the 1900s—are particularly vulnerable to corrosion. Cast iron pipes have a typical life expectancy of 50 years. This can lead to breakdown and failure, resulting in thousands of dollars in property damage.

You may have broken, corroded, or failing pipes if your home was built pre-1980s and you’re experiencing:

  • Slow drainage
  • Frequent backups
  • Leaks
  • Foul odor
  • Signs of water damage

Luckily, Nu Flow’s groundbreaking technology is a game changer in the industry, giving Arizona homeowners, hospitals, schools, municipalities, and multifamily and commercial buildings an alternative to costly excavation and system replacements with a method that’s renewable and safe at a fraction of the cost. “Nu Flow offers a true trench-less, no-dig rehabilitation of the existing system,” says Brent Weindorf, office manager for Nu Flow Tucson.

How? Read on to find out.

The Technology

Nu Flow’s technology was first developed in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s in partnership with the US Navy to create a cost-effective alternative to replacing water lines. In a nutshell, Nu Flow lines pipes.

For pressurized systems such as water lines, gas lines, and fire suppression, an epoxy is blown into the pipe with compressed air, creating a barrier coating, or an inside-out corrosion prohibitive. Not only does this epoxy prevent corrosion, but it also prevents chemicals from the pipes leaching into the water supply. This epoxy barrier coating is NSF61 approved, meaning it’s passed all the safety requirements for drinking water, so you can rest assured your water is safe for your family.

While it’s best to get ahead of the problem with a preventative approach, if you’re experiencing pinhole leaks, Nu Flow Tucson is still a viable option. Sewer cameras are utilized to give a close circuit visual of the problem without having to expose the pipe (If your property qualifies, NuFlow Tucson provides this service free of charge) and can determine if the pipes are damaged and can benefit from Nu Flow’s cutting-edge technology.

Nu Flow uses a different technology for non-pressured pipe systems such as sewer pipes, providing a structural enhancement that’s like a “pipe within a pipe”—a felt sleeve impregnated with epoxy, with a bladder that goes inside of the liner, which can be pulled into the existing sewer pipe.

The host pipe is cleaned to remove buildup and debris and is restored to its original diameter. An after-cleaning video inspection is then performed to confirm the pipe is clean and ready to be lined. The liner is then custom built onsite to conform to the measurements and conditions of that project, so it will never expand larger than the host pipe.

The Best and Most Cost-Efficient Solution

What really sets Nu Flow Tucson apart from a traditional plumber is that Nu Flow rehabilitates existing pipes. That means occupants are not displaced—they can stay in their home or business while the repairs are made. Nu Flow Tucson is a restoration of the existing system, nothing is thrown away or demolished, making Nu Flow’s rehabilitation roughly half the cost of a traditional repair.

Not only will Nu Flow Tucson save you money, it’s also a Great Green choice! During traditional pipe repairs, concrete, flooring, walls, and cabinetry are demolished to get to the pipe which must then be thrown out, adding to America’s ever-growing landfills. And since Nu Flow adds a life expectancy of 100 years to the pipes (not to mention an excellent warranty), Nu Flow Tucson is a true environmentally friendly “renew and reuse” option. “It’s one of those things that do it once and you never have to do it again,” says Weindorf.

Remember- “If you have no-flow, you ought to call Nu Flow”