ThinkstockPhotos-505026280.jpgThe warm summer months are a time of pool parties, barbecues, and travel. Though some may choose to stay in their own backyard during summer vacations, others may feel the call of the open road.

A road trip are a great activity that can be both cost effective and allow you to discover the great unknown. With some careful preparation, you can see everything want on your bucket list and stay within budget. Here are some easy guidelines that can save you dollars at the pump and put more money in your pocket for the more important things — like a gyro from that downtown food truck or admission to an amusement park.

Don’t be an Aggressive Driver Did you know that aggressive driving can lower fuel mileage by as much as 5% on city streets and as high as 33% on the highway? That’s 10-66¢ per gallon that you’ve just thrown away! By merely anticipating traffic and slowing down, you’ll have a safer and more enjoyable ride… and more gas in your tank when you get to your destination!

ThinkstockPhotos-523615261.jpgMeasure Tire Pressure Before heading out on your adventure, be sure that your tires are properly inflated. Operating a vehicle with under-inflated tires is not only a safety hazard, but can reduce the life of your tires and increase your fuel consumption by 4%. You can find the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle in your owner’s manual, or take it in to be inspected by tire experts at Jack Furrier.

Avoid Excessive Idling When a vehicle is idling, you’re getting zero mpg. Don’t waste a lot of time letting the vehicle warm up in the morning – one to two minutes is just fine. When sitting at a long stop light – or while stuck in traffic – turn off the engine and roll down the windows.

Observe Speed Limits Mileage decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 mph. Each mile driven over 60 mph costs you an additional 10¢ per gallon. If available, try using your cruise control to maintain a constant speed.

ThinkstockPhotos-528431200.jpgAccelerate Gently The harder you accelerate, the more fuel you consume. While in the city, you can conserve your fuel by gradually easing on to the accelerator. Here’s a neat trick: imagine there’s an open cup of coffee on the dashboard — try not to spill it! Give the lead foot a rest.

With some minor changes to your driving, it’s possible to improve your fuel efficiency with the added benefit of reducing harmful greenhouse gases.

One last tip before taking off on your trip is to get an emissions test on your vehicle. With over 14 locations to choose from and an array of repair services available, your local car care professionals at Jack Furrier are the perfect resource to get you road-trip-ready! For more information on Jack Furrier, visit their website or call 520-547-5005.

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