Monsoon season is just about here in the Southwest, and there are a few things that property owners should do in preparation. Monsoons bring extreme rain and winds to the region, which can cause expensive damage to trees and properties.

According to state officials, the 2017 season is expected to bring hotter temperatures and the potential for storms. They couldn’t say if this year would be more or less active than in 2016. Last year, the hardest-hit areas were in central Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Monsoon season begins in June and concludes around the end of September, so there is plenty of time for a storm to pop up unexpectedly. Preparing your property to withstand the weather can save you time and aggravation in the event that a monsoon wreaks havoc on your home or office.

“These storms come in very quickly,” says Dave Coyne, owner of TLC Environmental Services in Tucson. “As the heat goes up the storms become more violent, which creates the potential for tree-related damage.”


Preparing Trees for Monsoon Season

Coyne advises property owners to perform maintenance on their trees to avoid them being lifted out of the ground or split in half. This happens when winds and rain come through, creating a sailboat effect that can damage the trees — and whatever they hit when they collapse.

Most people trim trees up to the spot they can reach, but pruning the entire canopy allows more space for winds to blow through and lowers the risk of the tree being uprooted or split in half. This involves not just thinning it out, but reducing the size of the canopy.

Property owners should also check the overall health of their vegetation to ensure the roots are healthy and the plants are disease-free. This can help them maintain a stronger root system and better withstand the coming storms.

If you are planting new trees, be sure to include a stake alongside the growing plant. This helps the tree produce a strong trunk and root system that can uphold its canopy, especially when the winds get heavy. “The healthier tree is, the more solidly it will be anchored,” Coyne adds.

Trust a Tree Expert

 It is relatively easy to ensure that your trees are in good condition. Set up a consultation with a local tree service, such as TLC Environmental Services. During the visit, the arborists will assess the vegetation and let property owners know what actions to take based on their evaluation. Some properties require care multiple times a year, others only once every few years. The TLC firm also offers emergency services, which come in handy in the event of an unexpected monsoon event.

To set up a free estimate with TLC Environmental Services, visit or call (520) 887-3829.

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