Whether they are three or thirteen, a child’s room should be a place where they feel free to be themselves and let their personalities shine. As a parent, it’s important that you keep their bedrooms as functional and tidy as they are cheerful and inviting. Ashley Homestore is the place to go when looking to bring your child’s dream bedroom to life. Check out these 8 simple tips to help you design your little one’s room that will make you wish you were a kid again.

Help Them Stay Organized

To make cleaning up toys as easy as finding them, provide open bins or baskets on shelves, so your little ones can see exactly where things go. Be mindful of sorting like items together, such as puzzles and books, to make playtime and organization a breeze. As for the closet, utilizing low-hanging rods and bins that are clearly labeled for items, such as socks and accessories, are effective ways to make sure your child can access the pieces they need while keeping things as tidy as possible. Getting rid of excess clutter is also an effective way to help your kiddo keep their room straight. If they don’t need, use, or love it, don’t be afraid to give it a second life to someone who would.

Add Pops of Color

While the rest of your home may be chic and sophisticated, your child’s room should be bright and cheerful. The best way to design a space that exudes playfulness is by incorporating pops of color. Just because it’s bursting with personality doesn’t mean that it can’t be attractive, though. To create a room that is fun and coordinated, develop a color palette or theme around one item in the room, such as a colorful piece of art or patterned bedspread. Then choose one or two colors from that item to highlight around the room with accessories, such as throw pillows, an area rug, or a table lamp. The result will impress you and your kids alike.

Make it Functional

It’s important to keep in mind what your child’s bedroom will be used for. Along with playing with friends and daydreaming, your little one’s room will likely need to serve as a place to do homework and store toys. Choose furnishings that not only fit well in the room, such as a small desk and chair for studying, but are also comfortable, like a bean bag chair. Use storage bins wherever possible to hide items they won’t be using on a daily basis, such as out-of-season clothing, and convenient bins for things that they’ll need easy access to, such as school supplies.

Maximize the Space

Your child’s bedroom might be small, but that doesn’t mean that it has to lack personality or pizazz. To make the most of a tiny room, push large furniture, such as their bed, against the wall or in a corner. If there’s room in the closet, try moving their dresser there for added space. Multi-functional furnishings are also a great option for rooms where every inch counts. Keep an eye out for pieces that can serve more than one purpose, such as a window seat or ottoman with built-in storage. Your kiddo will surely appreciate the open space to play, rest, and dance in.

Incorporate Their Personality & Interests

Be playful with color schemes, furniture pieces, and décor that you select for your kiddo’s room. Consider letting your child help you pick out certain elements, such as bedding or wall decals, to ensure that their room is a place that they love and know is their own. Painting the walls their favorite color, framing pictures of their favorite memories, or displaying items from hobbies they have, such as guitar or Star Wars, are effortless ways to decorate a room that is as unique as they are. At the end of the day, you want them to feel comfortable and proud of their space. After all, it’s where they will spend much of their time.

Shared Bedroom? No Problem

If you have two children sharing one bedroom, a bunk bed is a fun way to maximize space, while giving each child their own bed. For larger rooms, a colorful curtain can be hung down the center of the room that separates one child’s area and twin bed from the other. Whatever path is most appropriate for your family, be sure to let each individual child’s taste shine, whether it is through wall color, table lamps, or artwork.

Let the Wall Decorations Shine

Hanging thoughtful decorations on the wall will bring your child’s room to life. Look for pieces that not only complement the room’s colors and theme but will also reflect your child’s interests and spark their creativity. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box in terms of decorating by displaying items that may be a bit unexpected, such as hats, toys, or even a musical instrument. Whether you choose wall stickers that can be removed as their tastes change, colorful pieces that they painted themselves, or repurposed items, such as a model airplane, make sure to keep it playful.

Have Fun!

Decorating your child’s room should be an enjoyable experience. It’s a great opportunity to tackle a project together and make memories that will last a lifetime, so take advantage of it! Let your little one be a part of the process as much as possible by browsing through catalogs for decorations that catch their eye, helping them make a Pinterest board of their favorite ideas, and inviting them to tag along to your favorite furniture store when the time comes to pick out new furnishings. After all, they won’t be little for long. 

With the help of the experienced interior designers at Ashley Homestore, your child’s bedroom is sure to be as stylish and playful as it is practical and comfy. Give us a call or visit one of our showroom locations in Green Valley or Tucson, AZ, to see how we can exceed your expectations in designing a room that your kiddo will love and enjoy.

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