New energy-efficient windows and doors built to withstand the desert climate of Arizona do more than just make life more comfortable.

They also get tough on your monthly utility bill, slashing a southwest home’s average annual energy bill by more than 30 percent, according to

So why pay to heat and cool air that constantly escapes through leaky old windows and drafty doors? Today’s top energy-efficient windows can bring down home energy costs and make a difference in your life every day. Here’s how:

  1. Low-E glass cuts winter’s chill. Do you avoid the armchair next to the window when nights get cold? When temperatures drop, the cold glass of an inefficient old single pane window draws heat from your body, even when the thermostat is set at 70 degrees.

Energy-efficient windows kill the chill. Thanks to a thin coat of microscopic metal particles, the high-performance Low-E glass of these insulated units makes the most of heated air. When temps are low outside, toasty, furnace-heated air that comes up against the Low-E window coating is reflected back into the room. Your home stays warmer – and you save money.

  1. Low-E glass repels the solar blast. Every summer day when the desert sun rises, your utility bill climbs skyward, too. Old-school double pane windows let 75 percent of the sun’s heat into your home.

The solution: install energy-efficient windows and doors that reject the heat. The Low-E glass of these insulated units lets in light but reflects back the unwanted heat energy from the sun’s rays before it gets inside. Your home stays cooler – and your AC can take it easier – even at high noon. That’s money in your pocket.

  1. Argon gas adds insulation power. Energy-efficient windows sandwich dense Argon gas, rather than air, between double panes of Low-E glass. Windows vacuum-sealed with this colorless, odorless and harmless gas have superb insulating power, keeping windows close to room temperature no matter the weather outside. Argon gas-filled windows can block more than 70 percent of the solar heat gain in the summer. The low thermal conductivity eliminates drafts and currents that often happen next to windows when different temperatures of inside and outside air collide. Condensation on interior glass is greatly reduced or eliminated.
  2. Better windows = healthier air. Thanks to their insulating power, energy efficient windows greatly reduce dust, pollen and noise. They make your home more comfortable and welcoming, providing a cleaner, quieter, healthier space for your family to live.
  3. Pros provide a custom fit. Water and air leaks that result from deteriorating or badly installed windows. A poor installation job can undermine the performance of the best new energy-efficient windows.

Change your life. Live more comfortably and reduce heating, cooling and even lighting costs in your home. Talk to the experienced installation professionals at family-owned Desert King Windows.

Family-owned Desert King Windows has equipped more than 15,000 Arizona homes with energy-efficient windows and doors backed with a lifetime warrantee.

Desert King provides reliable, honest service and brings to the job 15 years of experience equipping local homes with tough windows. With Desert King, there are no surprises – and no down payments. Call (520) 792-1742 to learn more or schedule your appointment.

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