Midtown Mercantile Merchants, admittedly a bit of a mouthful according to co-owners Vivian Feinberg and Tamara Mitchell – “we’ve been referring to it as the Triple M,” is the newest destination for antique and collectible hunters in Tucson. After the closure of a popular local antique mall, Feinberg and Mitchell knew that they had to act, “we’re doing our part to save this industry,” noted Feinberg. Tucson has long been a destination for antique buyers, “we care about Tucson, this is important to our community,” says Mitchell.
With over seventy local vendors in an amazingly spacious building on Speedway, the ‘Triple M,’ is rapidly becoming the destination for those of us on the lookout for unique pieces for home, yard and anywhere in between. “We really wanted to find a large, open space in midtown but knew that it might be impossible – and then we walked in here – we couldn’t believe our luck!” enthused Feinberg. With a keen interest in making sure that they could attract the best vendors in Tucson, the ladies took a unique approach to allocating space, “we said, ‘come in and find a spot you like and mark as much space as you need.,” In this way the vendors are able to provide the very best shopping experience for their customers by laying out their inventory in a way that suits it best— it is absolutely a win-win.
Midtown Merchantile Merchants talked Manager, Peggy Borchart, into joining the team from retirement and have created an experienced and knowledgeable staff.
In addition to the existing vendors, ‘Triple M’ also offers a great little coffee cart from Annette Hartman, and coming in June, monthly estate sales from Thom Carchedi.
A quick perusal of their Facebook page tells us all we need to know about the kind of business this is – to use the word ‘glowing’ is a vast understatement. Vendors themselves, Feinberg and Mitchell show sincere and loving attention to each piece and each customer and it shows in their rapidly rising popularity.
I can tell you what I’ll be doing this weekend, how about you?

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