Going to college is one of the most exciting rites of passage in a young adult’s life. Along with growing older and setting out to accomplish new things, college is often the time when you get to spread your wings and make your own way in the world. With so many big changes taking place, having a space that reflects your unique style and needs is important.

Luckily, decorating your college dorm or giving your childhood bedroom a much-needed upgrade doesn’t have to be complicated. The experienced design team at Ashley Homestore in Tucson has everything you need to make your dorm or updated room creations come to life. Check out these five simple tips to help you get started.

Keep It Functional

Whether you’re moving into a college dorm, renting your first apartment or revamping your bedroom at home, creating a functional space is a must. After all, a functional room is key to boosting productivity during study hours and helping you relax during your down-time. Here are some ideas to get the most out of your bedroom this semester:

  • Give Your Bed an Upgrade: It’s time to swap out that twin-size mattress for something roomier. If space is a concern, consider choosing something multi-functional, such as a trendy futon
  • Don’t Forget a Desk: Be sure you have a designated spot to tackle homework and projects. Choose a desk that is big enough to accommodate your laptop, books and school supplies while still having plenty of space to move around the room comfortably.
  • Light It Up: To ensure your bedroom feels as big and bright as possible, you can’t rely on the standard overhead light that comes in your dorm or apartment. Brighten things up by adding accent lights and task lighting around your space for a warm, inviting atmosphere.
  • Include Convenient Cookware: Chances are you’ll be cooking for yourself a lot more these days. Keep it simple by investing in a few user-friendly cooking appliances.

Stay Organized

Maintaining a busy schedule during the school year can take its toll on your bedroom, especially if you work or have extracurricular activities on top of your normal schoolwork. To make sure that nothing falls through the cracks this semester, it’s important to keep your room as organized as possible. These can help:

  • A Rolling File Cart: You’ll never have to wonder where that important paper went with this easily accessible organizational system close at hand.
  • Bamboo Shoe Bench: Make your way out the door on time every morning with this stylish bamboo shoe bench that can keep your shoes and bag at the ready.
  • Hanging Closet Organizer: You don’t have to have a lot of space in your dorm to keep your toiletries and other essentials neat and tidy with hanging closet organizers, Try an over-the-door hanging rack and other organizers such as shelves and hooks.
  • Storage Bins: To keep everything from spare clothes to throw blankets tucked out of sight, a few storage bins can be handy to have in your closet or under your bed. 

Add Homey Touches

Just because you’re living on your own doesn’t mean that your space can’t feel “homey.” Along with the functional pieces you bring into your college dorm or apartment, be sure to include cozy details as well. Your bedroom should be a place you feel comfortable and look forward to spending time. Whether you’re away at college or updating your room, here are some ideas to give your room the perfect, homey touch you want:

  • An Area Rug: Rugs don’t just feel good beneath your toes. They can add a pop of color and are essential to making any room feel polished and put-together.
  • Houseplants: Never underestimate the power of a potted plant or two. You don’t have to have a green thumb to add warmth to your dorm with a houseplant. Choose a lower-maintenance option, such as a succulent to add warmth and personality to your space, or even a faux plant.
  • Accessories: Don’t forget to accessorize. Bring in accent pillows, throw blankets and curtain panels to make your dorm or apartment feel stylish and inviting. A few accessories can go a long way.
  • Hang a Mirror: If your dorm room feels small or closed in, hang a mirror across from a lamp or window. It’s sure to open the space up and make it feel bigger than it is.

Play with Color

College dorms can often feel stark and bare when you first move in. To prevent your space from feeling like you’re living in a blank space for months on end, don’t be afraid to play with colors, patterns and textures in your bedroom. While painting the walls may not be allowed or practical, there are plenty of ways to add creative touches to your bedroom or dorm without a paint brush or paint, including:

Make It Personal

At the end of the day, your dorm room or apartment should feel like your own space. You’re the one who will be living in it, after all. There’s no easier way to make it feel that way than to include pieces that you love and are a reflection of your unique taste. Check out these tips to put your own personal stamp on your room this fall:

  • Display pictures of your friends and family
  • Choose artwork that makes you happy
  • Decorate with your favorite colors
  • Hang unexpected items on the wall, such as musical instruments or sports’ memorabilia 

Transitioning into college life should be fun and exciting, not stressful or complicated. Designing a space that is as comfortable and functional as it is stylish and personal can help you make the most of your school year and beyond. For everything you need to design a college room that is as special as you are, the design team at Ashley Homestore is here to help. From futons and accent chairs to desks and storage solutions, we have everything you need. Visit us online or stop by our convenient showroom location to see how simple designing your dream dorm can be today. This is home your way!

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