There’s a growing movement in design to focus on both the form and function of the furniture, accessories, and accents we place around our home. Many modern homes maximize the potential to meet a family’s daily needs while also elevating clean, minimalistic designs.  Whether you’re shopping for an individual piece of furniture or planning out a full-scale re-do of a particular room, keep the idea of multi-functionality in the forefront of your mind. Ideally, the pieces you select will perform multiple functions. Think modular, but in terms of purpose rather than placement. 

Fashion and function don’t have to be at odds in your quest for the perfect home, and the experts at Ashley HomeStore can show you how.

Living Room

The ideal place to start our journey of marrying style with structure is the living room. This is where you’ll spend a great deal of time searching for relaxation. It’s hard to relax in a messy environment, and luckily many modern living room pieces incorporate helpful storage options to keep the clutter to a minimum. Consider a modular coffee table, one that illuminates your personal style and can be rearranged on-the-fly for party hosting duties. A tufted ottoman in lieu of a traditional coffee table is a popular choice, especially one that opens up to reveal a storage area for anything that needs to be kept out of the way.

The entertainment center is another great option for something both stylish and practical. Modern pieces can feature an assortment of interchangeable shelving that you can customize to fit your particular needs. If you’re looking for something more minimalist, a  slim, mid-century wooden table with sliding shelves is a great substitute. For those without a television in their living rooms, a more subdued entertainment center can take the place of a console table placed alongside a wall. You’ll find plenty of style options, and the modular shelving will provide a home for media, photos, and other accessories.

The overall function of a living room is comfort and relaxation, and with so much of our comfort defined by ease of access we can’t overlook the placement and layout. Make decisions based on how you and your guests flow through the house, and set your living room accordingly. Be sure to focus on small, quality-of-life improvements when in the placement phase. Is the couch too far from the ottoman? Can we reach the outlet from there? Keeping these seemingly inconsequential decisions in your mind will take your journey towards fashion and function to the next level.

Working Smarter In The Kitchen & Dining Room

In these areas, form follows function. Dining servers can do much of the storage legwork in the dining room, with counter space and shelving sure to come in handy during a large dinner party or a small family dinner.  If you favor a modern style, marble-topped servers with clean lines and metal accents are growing in popularity. For a rustic, ranch-house style, look at a distressed white wooden dining server with a dark countertop and sliding barn doors. For the kitchen, if your pantry and cupboard space is getting to the point of overflow you’ll need to think outside the box. A tall sideboard or buffet table could be the solution you need. Hide bulky pans behind the bottom shelves, show off your custom spice holders on the top, and save the counter space for the items you’ll use most often. Sideboards and buffet tables come in all shapes and styles. Just be sure to elevate, not detract, from the existing room’s design flow with your final decision. 

Practical & Stylish

Running into space issues doesn’t mean you have to accept clutter or dilute your well-thought home decor style. Adding just one or two new functional pieces can bring the peace of mind that comes with a well manicured home, and can transform a messy space into something stylish yet functional . Visit Ashley HomeStore’s convenient Tucson showroom today and browse a wide selection of furniture and stylish home decor, perfect for any room in your home. 

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