Exploring the versatility of diamonds

By Heather Wuelpern

Welcome to part four of this six-part series with local diamond expert, Birko Roland, co-owner of The Diamond Store. Today, you will learn about the versatility of diamonds. The next edition of this series will cover the economics of diamonds.

Did you know that the word diamond stems from the Greek word ‘adámas’, meaning unbreakable? The natural strength and beauty of diamonds make them the perfect symbol of love and commitment when used for an engagement ring. Although, diamonds are versatile gemstones that are used in more ways than committing to marriage. There are instances when someone might not be quite ready to commit to marriage, but they are positively ready to show how deeply they care about someone, and giving diamond jewelry fits the bill perfectly. And as our local diamond expert Birko Roland from The Diamond Store put it, “Every time someone purchases and gives the gift of diamonds is an act of beauty and love.” 

Roland went on to mention that when a diamond engagement ring and wedding band set is purchased that sometimes his customers say it feels a bit incomplete. He suggests diamond stud earrings to complement the ring set. A diamond pendant or tennis bracelet will do the same. And these items can be worn every day, unlike some bold statement pieces. 

Anniversaries are the next most popular occasion that are the catalyst to buy diamonds. A channel-set diamond band can get stacked alongside the existing engagement and wedding rings to really add some bling. Many customers also buy a statement ring for the right hand to mark the milestone. Diamond pendant necklaces, cufflinks, and tie pins are excellent choices, too. 

The purchase that touches Roland’s heart the most is when diamonds are given to new mothers. He shared a sweet personal story about why he feels every mother deserves a nice diamond because of the strength and courage it takes to give birth. He witnessed the birth of his child and remembers “thanking God that all I need to do is buy her a diamond!”.

Speaking of children, The Diamond Store will spotlight its commitment to community philanthropy—that is as strong as a diamond—by being a sponsor of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona’s 60th-anniversary celebration—The Big Diamond Jubilee Gala—on Saturday, September 23, at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort. Roland and Sauls always strive to give back to the community, especially when it comes to helping children with the mentoring and support they need to ensure their futures are bright.

You, too, can show your support for this exceptional youth mentoring organization by joining in on the fun that will include a cocktail hour, silent auction items, dinner, and heart-touching stories about the positive impact Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona has made in the community. Tickets are available at soazbigs.org. 

Now that you have learned about diamonds beyond engagement rings, come back a week from next Sunday for the fifth part of this six-part series when you will learn the economics of diamonds.

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