What Can an AC Tune-Up Do for You?

Your air conditioner or HVAC system’s filters, coils, and fins need routine maintenance in order for the unit to function at maximum capacity. If you neglect regular AC tune-ups or never change your AC or HVAC filters, your system will decline steadily until it suddenly dies after two or three years. Air conditioners and HVAC systems that are poorly maintained or not maintained at all also require much higher energy use to function. This means that your electric bills will be greatly increased.

Maintaining your AC or HVAC system will prolong the life of the unit. Energy efficient air conditioners and HVAC systems can last between 12 and 15 years if properly maintained! Regular air conditioner and HVAC maintenance includes yearly AC tune-ups, changing the filters at least every month, and cleaning the air conditioner coils, fins, and condensate drains. You can also maximize the efficiency of your AC and make your home more comfortable by ensuring your windows and doors have the proper seals or weather-stripping.

Signs You Need an AC Tune-Up in Tucson, AZ

High temperatures during a Tucson summer can reach 110-112 degrees. While your home won’t stay a crisp 72 degrees inside while it’s that hot outside, no matter how efficient your AC or HVAC system is, you can ensure that your unit operates at maximum efficiency with regular maintenance and AC tune-ups in Tucson, AZ. If you notice the following issues with your AC or HVAC system, it is definitely time to call an HVAC company in Tucson.

  • Your AC or HVAC unit is making unusual sounds. The most common sounds that indicate that your AC or HVAC system is in need of repair are hissing, rattling, whistling, or buzzing. You may also hear an alarming banging noise when the unit first starts up.
  • Your electric bill has increased significantly. Your electric bills will obviously go up during the hot Arizona summers; however, if you notice that your bill has increased significantly without an increase in usage, them your system isn’t operating efficiently or effectively.
  • Your unit isn’t cooling properly. This can sometimes be hard to gauge in Arizona, as even the most efficient AC unit isn’t going to keep your home at 70 degrees when it’s 111 degrees outside. But if it’s hotter than usual in your home, or if it seems like the thermostat is staying at 85 degrees after having the AC on for hours, then your unit isn’t cooling properly.
  • Your AC or HVAC unit smells. Wet filters, a clog in the drain line, or a buildup of mold or fungus can make your AC or HVAC unit smell. If you smell a musty, moldy odor from your AC, you likely need an AC tune-up. A smell may mean that your system’s wire insulation needs to be replaced.
  • The air vents have weak air flow. If it feels like barely any air is coming out of your vents, your filters may be clogged or the motor/blower may need repair or replacement. Poor air flow can also be a sign of a leaky duct.
  • The unit is no longer effectively controlling humidity levels. During monsoon season, Arizonans rely on their AC to control humidity levels in their home. When your AC refrigerant is low, the evaporator coil might not be getting cold enough to remove the humidity in the home.
  • Water is leaking from the unit. Leaking can be caused by a clogged drainpipe or a leak in the refrigerant. Leaking is different from condensation – if your unit is leaking, water will accumulate or pool around the unit or leak into your home.
  • Your unit is blowing warm air. If you put your hand in front of a vent in your home and feel warm air blowing out, your AC system is wasting electricity by trying to cool your home without results. An AC tune-up will determine the cause of the problem and get your unit up and running again.
  • Your thermostat shows dramatic temperature shifts from room to room. If you notice dramatic temperature changes from room to room while your AC is running, you should call an expert for an AC tune-up.

At Intelligent Design, we offer 24/7 emergency services, free estimates, free AC and HVAC diagnostics with repair, and interest-free financing (OAC). We are BBB A+ accredited and rated #1 in Southern Arizona for AC tune-ups, air conditioner repair, plumbing, and solar services. If you think it’s time to schedule an AC tune-up in Tucson, AZ, or if you need emergency AC repair, give us a call or use the live chat function on our website.

What Is Included in an AC Tune-Up?

Whether you’re renting your home, own a home, or are a landlord, you can set up regular AC tune-ups in Tucson, AZ, by contacting a reputable HVAC company in your area. Even if Intelligent Design did not install your AC unit or HVAC system, we can still perform annual AC tune-ups and HVAC services as needed. The best time to schedule an AC tune-up in Tucson is in the Spring, so you can make sure that your unit is in top shape before summer begins. You can even set up recurring appointments for an annual AC tune-up by contacting Intelligent Design.

When you schedule your AC tune-up at Intelligent Design, these are the services that your HVAC technician will perform:

  • Check thermostat settings.
  • Check electrical connections and current voltage readings.
  • Visually examine AC components and lubricate moving parts.
  • Replace air filters.
  • Remove debris from the area around your outdoor AC unit.
  • Check condensate drain for clogs and obstructions.
  • Check refrigerant levels and top of system, if necessary.
  • Clean evaporator and condenser coils.

Benefits of Scheduling an AC Tune-Up With Intelligent Design

The primary benefit of scheduling your AC tune-up with Intelligent Design is that we will extend the life of your unit and make it work more efficiently: keeping your home more comfortable; protecting your pets, children, and possessions; and lowering your electric bill. We take great pride in our work and are happy to offer the best customer service of any HVAC company in Tucson. In addition to speedy service from one of our experienced, knowledgeable HVAC techs, you will also feel secure using a company that is BBB accredited, veteran-owned, and rated number one in Southern Arizona for HVAC services.

The best way to judge our services and experience is by reading our customer reviews. We have thousands of reviews from real customers who were delighted by our services. Our current customer rating on Google is 4.9 stars! So don’t take our word for it, but trust the thousands of happy, satisfied customers.

Misconceptions About Air Conditioners and HVAC in Tucson, AZ

Whether you have lived in Arizona your entire life, or this is your first summer here in Tucson, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about using your air conditioner or HVAC during the long, hot Tucson summers. The most common misconceptions are:

  • You can’t extend the life of your air conditioner or HVAC unit. With regular maintenance and AC tune-ups, you can dramatically extend the life of your unit. Ignoring AC maintenance will ensure that your unit dies out in a few years. If you change your filters and get regular AC tune-ups, you can save money in the long run by making your equipment last three or four times longer.
  • You should turn your thermostat all the way down to cool your home more quickly. Your AC or HVAC unit is going to work at maximum effort to cool your home to whatever temperature you set your thermostat to, whether it’s 60 degrees or 75 degrees. There is no real benefit to setting it to a lower temperature than you need your home to be.
  • You need the largest AC or HVAC system available. Even though Arizona is sweltering in the summer, a huge AC or HVAC system isn’t really going to make a difference unless you are living in a warehouse or other huge building. The larger the unit, the more energy it will use, and the higher your electric bill will be each month. However, your HVAC unit’s ductwork may not support such a large system, and won’t be able to handle the strain. A larger unit than needed may also cause issues with the humidity in your house, which can affect furniture, electronics, artwork, carpeting, and other possessions.
  • You should turn your AC off when you leave home. This is one of the biggest and most controversial misconceptions. It may seem logical to turn your unit off while you sleep or while you’re out of the house. You may think that will save you money in the end. In reality, if your AC is off, your home can get to 100 degrees or higher during a summer day in Arizona. This is dangerous for pets in your home, and when you do get back and turn your AC on, it will take hours for it to reach a comfortable temperature again. Most units only cool your home one to two degrees per hour, depending on the efficiency of the unit and the size of your home. It’s better to leave your thermostat set to 78-80 degrees in the summer, and turn it down as needed when you’re home.

Schedule an AC Tune-Up in Tucson

Whether or not your AC or HVAC system is currently experiencing issues, it’s in your best interests to schedule regular maintenance, including an AC tune-up in Tucson, AZ. When you schedule an appointment with us at Intelligent Design, you’re joining thousands of satisfied customers who were thoroughly happy with our HVAC company. Our employees are experienced, respectful professionals who believe in providing stellar services with honest, transparent pricing. Not only are we rated the number one HVAC company in Tucson, AZ, we also offer 24/7 emergency services, system maintenance, solar solutions, plumbing and heating services, and new installations.

If you’ve noticed that your AC or HVAC system isn’t operating efficiently, is making noises or emitting strange odors, or if you simply want to get ahead of the rush and schedule your yearly AC tune-up, give us a call at Intelligent Design! Take a look at the services we offer, our customer testimonials, and then give us a call today at (520) 335-3303.