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If you are a business owner, you will have to repair or replace your roof at some point. A new commercial roof is a significant financial investment that should not be taken lightly. Therefore, selecting the best roofing company for the job is crucial, ensuring a high-quality and durable roof that will last you for years to come.

Don’t try to tackle commercial roof installation or repair on your own—it’s a complex job best left to the experts. If your roof leaks, it must be fixed promptly to protect your equipment, workers, and products from water damage and risk. Instead of taking on the task yourself or choosing a random contractor, seek the help of expert roofers who will do the job right the first time.

Finding a reliable and reputable roofing contractor can be overwhelming, given the abundance of options available. You may be considering multiple roofing contractors in the Tucson area and are unsure where to turn. It’s important to note that not all roofing companies have the necessary experience for these types of projects. If you’ve been struggling to find the right roofing contractor, keep reading to discover what to look for!


Choosing a roofing contractor goes beyond just checking their experience and time in business. It’s essential to consider their licensing and insurance as well. In Arizona, roofing industry contractors must be licensed, so be sure to look for their license numbers on their website. You can also verify their licensing information on the Arizona Registrar of Contractors website. Licensing is not just a formality – it’s a crucial step to protect your business and ensure the contractor is legitimate.

Ensuring the commercial roofer you choose is fully licensed will protect you from potential lawsuits in case of accidents or injuries during the roofing project. However, being licensed is just the first step. It’s also essential to ensure they have appropriate insurance coverage. Don’t settle for a contractor who is merely insured – make sure they have sufficient coverage. A general guideline is to look for coverage limits in the seven-figure range, between $1-2 million. At SDS, we are both licensed and insured to give you complete confidence in our work.


Having a new commercial roof installed can be a stressful endeavor, and the last thing you need is a roofing company that is difficult to deal with. From your first call to your finished project, the right contractor will have exceptional customer service. If the roofing contractor you contact is difficult to get ahold of and does not return your calls, that’s a sign of poor customer service that you should avoid. Our SDS staff are committed to outstanding customer service at every level, from roofing teams to management teams. We value your feedback and strive for best-in-class service to keep your commercial buildings in pristine condition.

In addition, you should look for a contractor who is familiar with insurance claims. Many commercial roof repairs result from a storm or other event that qualifies for a claim. At SDS, we serve as your advocate to your insurance company. Our extensive knowledge and expertise ensure that your claims are handled fairly.


Know what the length of a workmanship warranty means for you. It determines the level of protection you’ll have for your new roof and the trustworthiness of the contractor you’re considering hiring.

The longer a contractor stands behind their work and roofing material, the more confident you can be in their work. A short warranty may signify shortcuts or low-quality materials. Don’t assume a lack of a lifetime warranty indicates a bad company. Different roofing systems come with varying warranties, but a minimum of 2 years for labor defects and 30 years for material defects is recommended. Some products offer even longer warranties.


Get a quality commercial roofer by choosing a local roofing company with a solid reputation in your community. By selecting local roofers, you can ensure that your new roof will be installed by experts who understand the specific needs of local businesses. In addition, local commercial roofing companies have a reputation to maintain, including with each new installation like yours.

Unlike companies that travel to areas after a storm, local companies are not just looking for quick jobs. Out-of-state commercial roofing companies often take advantage of desperate business owners in the aftermath of a natural disaster and cut corners during roofing, resulting in faulty roofs that may leak again in a few months. With a reliable local commercial roofing contractor like SDS, you can expect a quality roof that will last as long as it should.


Choose a roofing company with a stellar reputation. This ensures you’ll receive top-notch service and customer satisfaction. Browse through online customer reviews to get an inside look at their work. Read first-hand experiences from previous clients and how they rate the company’s roofing projects. Customer reviews are valuable in revealing potential issues or shortcomings in the commercial roofing company’s service delivery. Review their reliability, service quality, experience, and customer service. Visit their website and social media accounts and reviews for more customer feedback and testimonials.

Also, don’t hesitate to ask for references. These individuals can provide valuable insight into the company’s reliability and overall performance. We are happy to give you references from our many previous satisfied SDS customers.


Get a clear and concise proposal for your project. Commercial roof replacement costs should be laid out line-by-line so you don’t have any surprises. Our detailed proposals include everything from roofing materials to labor pricing, so you can compare and make an informed decision. At Storm Damage Specialists, we focus on value, not necessarily price, so we are confident when we list the exact material specifications, quantities, and labor costs.

Don’t fall for vague or incomplete proposals or contractors who won’t discuss pricing openly. At SDS, we believe in transparent pricing to avoid surprises or disputes during your roof replacement project. Our licensed and insured team will communicate with you immediately, ensuring transparency and exceptional service.


Before signing the dotted line with a commercial roofing company, make sure you ask these essential questions:

Are you available?

Going through the bother of researching reviews and getting a quote is pointless if they’re unavailable to take on your project. Ensure they can provide top-notch customer service by being accessible to promptly answer your questions and address any concerns. The right roofer should be able to inspect, repair, or replace your commercial roof when you need it. Finally, check that they offer roofing services in your area.

We have found that customers come to us after contacting numerous roofers without so much as a call-back after a major storm event in Tucson. Damage to your existing roof is an urgent matter. Even in times of high demand, we are dedicated to being available for our clients.

What services do you offer?

When looking at potential roofing contractors in Arizona, look for one that offers a wide array of services tailored to meet your specific needs. Don’t settle for less!

Before making a decision, thoroughly assess the services provided by potential roofing companies. Find one that specializes in the type of commercial roof you desire, whether it be metal roofing or EPDM. Experience matters, so choose a reputable company that is well-versed in working with the roofing materials that are optimal for you.

When selecting a commercial roofing company, ensure they offer the following essential services:

  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Installation
  • Roof Inspection
  • Roof Maintenance

What materials do you use?

Hiring a company specializing in the materials your roof requires is imperative for any commercial roofing project. Whether you’re considering asphalt shingles, clay tile, concrete tile, or modified bitumen membrane (flat roofing), your roofer should use only high-quality products.

The best commercial roofing contractors also stay updated with the latest advancements in roofing technology. This knowledge allows them to recommend the best roofing solutions for your specific needs. With new products that offer temperature resistance and environmental efficiency, you can reduce expenses and the impact of stormwater runoff. Our team of expert craftsmen and top-quality materials ensure the success of every project.

What will I ultimately pay?

Before committing to a commercial roofing company, compare their pricing with other local contractors to ensure you are getting the best value. The best roofing contractor may not be the cheapest. But be cautious of quotes that seem too good to be true—they may not be your best option or might hide additional charges.

Will you take care of my property?

For a commercial roofing project, hiring a contractor who does excellent work and prioritizes the protection of your building during installation is crucial. Dust and debris are inevitable, but with the right precautions, you can ensure minimal damage and a clean finish.

In addition to protecting your commercial building, a reputable contractor should respect your lawn and landscaping. SDS will treat your business like it’s our own property. We’re cautious around landscaping, vegetation, statues, patios, and any other items you have on your property.

Do you stand behind the quality of your work?

A reliable commercial roofing company will guarantee their work for a significant period of time. Ask your contractor to explain the warranty options, as there is a difference between a manufacturer’s warranty and a workmanship warranty. As long as the roof is not misused or subject to abuse, any leaks within that timeframe should be repaired under the roof warranty. This ensures you won’t be stuck with poorly done roofing.

How long will my project take?

Local commercial roofing contractors usually have a more efficient schedule, allowing them to complete your project within a reasonable timeframe. On the other hand, companies that cover larger areas may delay your project. Take into account your own urgency when making a decision. If the need is immediate, it might be worth paying a bit extra to have the job done sooner. SDS is extremely efficient with our process, making sure you get your roof replaced quickly without sacrificing our high standards.


While knowing what to look for is important, it’s equally important to be alert for red flags before starting your commercial roofing installation.

No references? No deal.

When choosing a roofing contractor, it is crucial to know if they have references and testimonials. These references can demonstrate the contractor’s past performance and give you an honest opinion of their work. If a contractor doesn’t have any references, it’s a major red flag. It may indicate a lack of experience or poor workmanship. You are welcome to take a look at our many 5-star testimonials here.

Beware the storm chaser when choosing a roofer.

Beware of storm chasers in areas prone to extreme weather like monsoons, hail, and wind. These out-of-town roofers swoop in after a storm, promise quick fixes, and then disappear without fulfilling any warranties. They lack expertise and the necessary licenses to work in the area. Their only goal is to make fast money before moving on. Don’t fall victim to their tactics. When hiring a roofing contractor, always choose local professionals, like our Tucson team at SDS, known for their expertise and quality work.

Don’t cave under pressure.

Be wary if a roofing contractor pressures you to sign a contract without comparison shopping or contractor evaluation. They may be trying to rush you into an agreement without giving you sufficient time to review and understand the terms. This could potentially lead to unexpected expenses in the future. A good roofing contractor should never pressure you into signing a contract on the spot. They should provide all the necessary information and allow you to make an informed decision. SDS is happy to give you a free, no-obligation, pressure-free estimate.

Look for a physical address.

To ensure reliability and trustworthiness, reputable roofing contractors will have a physical address. If a contractor doesn’t have a physical address, it raises concerns about their credibility and reputation. It may even indicate a potential scam. A physical address allows you to reach out to the contractor if needed and provides more legal options if something goes wrong. Check out our contact page for our address and other helpful information.


After researching and asking the right questions, we are confident that you will find SDS your best choice for quality roofing in Pima County. With our well-equipped and trained team, you’ll notice a distinct difference in our services compared to our competitors. We take a client-centered approach, giving you the assurance that we can cover all your commercial roofing services. We have a network of industry experts we can call upon as needed, making us your one-stop shop for all your needs.

We provide prompt and efficient service, whether you’re dealing with a leaking emergency or a non-urgent project. Our flexibility allows us to work around your schedule to meet your project’s needs. We only use quality materials and employ skilled roofers to ensure your total satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to have 100% of our clients happy with 100% of our work.

We are proud to serve our valued customers in the Tuscon area with the peace of mind that comes with a solid roof over your head. You can trust us to be there for you, no matter what life throws at your roof!