Furnishing a new home or replacing old pieces in a room can be very exciting – you get to pick a new style and find better quality furniture to replace your old items. Of course, the catch is staying within your budget.

Luckily, finding beautiful pieces to decorate your home doesn’t have to be expensive. Here a few tips to help you identify good value while your furniture shopping.

Remember your lifestyle when considering materials

That suede couch looks beautiful, but if you have kids or pets, it’s going to be ruined in no time. Make sure you’re not putting your hard-earned money towards a purchase you know won’t last long in your home. Instead, focus on sturdy materials like solid wood and dark fabrics that will cover up spills, pet hair and general wear and tear.

Avoid glue and nails when it comes to wood

A good way to tell if a piece of wooden furniture is made well is to look at the corners — how are they joined? If the answer is with nails or glue, move on. Pieces constructed using wood joinery will be all-around sturdier and better looking. You should also avoid veneers, particleboard and composite wood. They’re cheaper but won’t last as long.

Check all the moving pieces

It’s best to open all the drawers, cabinets and other moving pieces to make sure they’re functional. Perhaps a cabinet doesn’t stay open or the drawer falls out if you pull it too far? Those are red flags. Floor models will have plenty of wear, showing what your own furniture might look and act like after a year in your home.

Pay attention to the time of year

Furniture prices naturally fluctuate over the course of the year, but if you’re looking for the best deals on big-ticket items, hold off on buying until holidays like Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day and Independence Day. If you can wait longer, consider buying a gift for the whole family at Christmas time, when stores are pushing to get rid of that year’s inventory.

No matter what you’re looking for, the professionals at Ashley HomeStore Tucson can help you find the best pieces at the best price.

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