As the world continues to hunker down at home, it’s safe to say that we all could use a change of scenery. Why not take advantage of the extra free time you have to tackle a home improvement project that is simple, quick, and in the end, makes you feel good? Fortunately, breathing new life into your own personal space, such as giving your bedroom a makeover, doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. In as little as one weekend, you can create the bedroom of your dreams and here’s how:

  •  Paint the Ceiling

Whether you choose to paint your ceiling the same color as the walls, a color that complements the decor, or a contrasting color, doing so is sure to add an unexpected element that will make your bedroom feel playful and pulled together. Giving your ceiling an entirely new vibe can be as simple as throwing on a coat of your favorite color of paint. Though, for a more dramatic effect, you could consider creating a bold pattern with painted stripes or choosing a simple, fancy wallpaper design.

  • Update Bedding

Perhaps the most important decorative element in your bedroom is the bedding. Not only will it likely be the first thing that catches your eye when you walk into the room, but it’s also the feature that you will use the most. With this in mind, swap out your old bedding for new pieces that are charming and comfy. Plush pillows, fluffy blankets, and luxurious fabrics will ensure that your bed is as relaxing as it is attractive.

  • Play with Lighting

If you only make use of harsh overhead lighting or dim table lamps in your bedroom, you’re doing it all wrong. To give your room a chic, professional spin, be sure to incorporate different light sources throughout the space. The finished product will provide an atmosphere that caters to tranquility and comfort by utilizing ambient, accent, and task light sources. This could include a bright overhead light on a ceiling fan, stylish table or floor lamps strategically placed around the room, and reading lamps by the bed or chair. By providing different light sources for different needs, your bedroom will feel balanced and thoughtful.

  • Rearrange Furniture

Sometimes, making a space feel new is as simple as moving furniture around. To make your bedroom feel airy and spacious, eliminate all unnecessary furnishings, such as extra bedside tables. Likewise, if your closet is large enough, consider hiding a dresser or storage bins in it to free up space in the room. Don’t be afraid to mix things up by trying non-traditional ways of arranging furniture, such as positioning your bed in the corner to keep things interesting.

  • Add Textures & Patterns

Look through any home decor magazine today and you’ll surely see a theme: modern interior design is all about texture. Bringing bold textures and patterns into your bedroom is an effortless way to make a big statement. Some simple ways to do this include investing in woven rugs, chunky wool throw blankets, and fibrous baskets or storage bins.

  • Lose the Clutter

Whether your bedroom is small or spacious, clutter will take away from its style and charm. There’s no better way to give your room a facelift than by getting rid of your extra junk. Look around to identify the items you no longer use or need, particularly things that take up valuable space on your bedside tables, dresser, or desk. Then donate or sell them to get the most out of your bedroom. Initially, it may be hard to part with some of your belongings, but it will certainly be worth it when you have additional space to work, rest, and play.

  • Incorporate Bold Accessories

Accessorizing is an essential step in decorating any room since it helps transform a typical space into one that is special. To decorate like a pro, choose a few items that are meaningful and make a big impact, rather than lots of small trinkets that will likely get lost. Using personal items that you’ve accumulated while traveling or through a hobby is a wonderful option to not only save money, but make the bedroom feel like your own. For instance, guitars hanging on the wall can take the place of expensive artwork, while also showcasing your favorite pastime.

  • Bring in Plants

Plants make people feel good. Adding some greenery to your bedroom is a great way to help you relax as well as keep the air you breathe in while sleeping fresh. You don’t have to have a green thumb to own a potted plant or two. There are many low-maintenance houseplants such as peace lilies and snake plants that can spruce up your bedroom without requiring much attention. If keeping a plant alive is too daunting, there are a variety of artificial ones on the market that look strikingly realistic and will look fabulous for years to come.

  • Choose the Right Window Treatments

The way in which you choose to dress your bedroom windows matters. Heavy drapes or dated curtains are sure to make your room feel dark and small. On the contrary, the right window treatments have the power to help your bedroom feel romantic and roomy. In place of overpowering drapes or cheap blinds, choose light-weight curtain panels or timeless wooden shades. The end result will be soft and sophisticated. For added privacy and better rest, consider adding a blackout panel behind your decorative curtains to keep out excess light as you like.

Designing the bedroom of your dreams doesn’t have to drain you of time, money, and effort. It’s amazing how taking just a few simple steps over a lazy weekend, with items you already have, can turn your bedroom from drab to fab!

Whether you are interested in making some small changes to your bedroom or are starting from scratch on a dramatic redesign, the friendly design experts at Ashley HomeStore are here to help you every step of the way. Stop by one of our two convenient locations in Tucson or Green Valley or contact us today!

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