Remember when mobile technology was the new frontier and we all believed it could improve our lives? Apps enabled us to do everything from ordering chocolate milkshakes to checking our heart rates, all in the name of convenience.

That all seems so quaint given that the technology stories dominating headlines today are all about the metaverse, privacy and data tracking. But what about mindful technology designed to truly help improve peoples’ lives? A number of companies are using mobile technology to help people make positive changes ranging from reducing carbon emissions to eating healthier.

Enter HiRoad, the car insurance company using telematics technology to reward Arizonans for making good decisions on the road. Simply put, they’re reinventing traditional car insurance to recognize and reward people for their positive actions behind the wheel.

Mindful Technology as a Force for Good

The world of car insurance was ripe for change. For decades, the system was stuck in neutral, assisting drivers once they got into an accident rather than rewarding them for good driving habits. HiRoad asked, “Why not flip the script and reward people for making good driving decisions on a daily basis? Would it lead to fewer accidents—and safer communities—in the first place?”

HiRoad is a different kind of insurance company. It’s behavior-based, meaning they value the smart decision-making skills of their drivers. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. If you’re a mindful driver in the Tucson area who doesn’t speed, follow other cars too closely, text and drive or eat chimichangas with extra sour cream on the road, and you generally make it safer for other Arizona drivers, shouldn’t you be rewarded for your actions behind the wheel?

Young woman gets a quote on monthly insurance savings.


HiRoad uses a specific type of mobile technology to reward its drivers. It’s called telematics. HiRoad uses the telematics mobile technology in your phone to gauge how you’re driving. Just like how your phone counts your steps—so you can humblebrag at dinner—or records your heart rate when you work out, telematics allows your phone to keep learning about your driving.

HiRoad then uses those numbers to give you a set of four driving scores on their mobile app. It works a bit like a video game, only this one actually pays you for getting the high score. If you drive at safe speeds, stop and start smoothly, don’t take corners too fast and drive distraction-free, then your driving scores go up. The higher your scores, the more you can save every month. Good drivers can save up to 50% every month on their insurance bills.

HiRoad uses telematics to reward good driving, not profit in other ways. The company doesn’t sell your information to third parties or data agencies.

HiRoad is on a Mission

Let’s be honest, no one thinks that much about car insurance. You buy it and it sits there, like an old sweater in the closet you still appreciate but don’t think about for years on end. HiRoad is trying to change that. HiRoad wants you to be excited about that sweater again even if it’s too hot in Arizona to wear it most days. It’s the insurance that uses a mobile app to reward you for your good driving habits. And it’s the only insurance where the average driver saves almost 30% off their insurance every month.*

If you’re a mindful driver in Arizona that believes in creating kinder roads, kinder communities and kinder monthly insurance bills, visit HiRoad to get a quote and get started.

*Based on average monthly discounts off of base rate in Rhode Island between 10/1/2020 and 9/30/2021, determined by driving scores of users logging trips using the HiRoad app.