Tucson is not exactly known for its harsh winters, but that doesn’t mean that we can get away with doing nothing to prepare our vehicles for the cold weather. Don’t embark on a weekend trip to the mountains, the Grand Canyon or Flagstaff in the winter months without preparation.

Winterizing involves a few key items, tires, motor oil, windshield wipers and fluid, antifreeze and coolant. Your owner’s manual comes in handy for checking fluids like antifreeze – it should give you the instructions for adding it and checking the levels of other important fluid levels like power steering and brakes. If your wipers are noisy and leaving streaks, it’s time for a new pair.

Underperforming windshield wipers and refilling the fluid are both easy fixes that most of us can handle.

Tires and motor oil are a different story. Jack Furrier Tire & Auto Care is an excellent choice for these two most essential of winterizing tasks. Motor oil can be tricky; cold weather may require a different weight of oil, and most of us aren’t experts on what our car needs. This winterizing task is best left up to the professionals.

Finally, you want someone with knowledge of the effect winter weather has on your car’s performance and which tires are the right for you. You may be able to get by on all season tires and a set of snow chains in  the trunk, but you won’t know what’s right for you until you ask. With convenient locations and no need for an appointment, Jack Furrier’s makes getting ready for the winter months painless and carefree.

Get your vehicle in order before the cold weather hits so that you can safely enjoy the winter fun.

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