Tucson green builder and solar  pioneer John Wesley Miller is a national leader in energy conservation and green building practices. Miller not only birthed the vision of Tucson’s sustainable Civano community, he also was
the General Contractor and Energy Consultant for the Biosphere 2 project.

Reflecting on the project, John explains, “Building Biosphere 2 was one of the most exhilarating, exciting projects I’ve ever done in my whole life. The challenges of doing things that had never been done before were so out-of-this-world meaningful. The challenge to build something that would have very little to no air infiltration was mind boggling in all areas. From the planning process, where I was the energy consultant, to the actual building of the most air-tight structure the world had ever seen, the Biosphere 2 was, literally, amazing. Being able to be the general contracting contractor and being part of the design process was an honor and a privilege not to be surpassed in my life.”

About the size of two and a half football fields, Biosphere 2 was a three-acre SEALED environment built to demonstrate the viability of closed ecological systems to support and maintain human life in remote locations like Antarctica and outer space. A May 1987 article in DISCOVER called it “the most exciting scientific project to be undertaken in the U.S. since President Kennedy launched us toward the moon.”

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Tucson green builder and solar pioneer John Wesley Miller is a national leader in energy conservation and green building practices. He has received numerous industry honors and awards for energy conservation and building quality in his over 50 years as a builder since working with the University of Arizona’s Energy Research Laboratory in 1973. In 2002, the National Association of Home Builders’ National Green Builders Conference named John Wesley Miller the year’s Outstanding Green Advocate. John Wesley Miller has consulted with Pima County to promote a program for Tucson energy efficient homes and the use of solar energy, and with the University of Arizona’s Environmental Research Laboratory in developing new energy saving products and technologies. He continues to collaborate with the U of A departments of Architecture, Engineering & Urban Planning.

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